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When God does something for you, He goes all out!

Dear Friends and Loved Ones,

Hello,  I am on my way to my new home tomorrow, I am a bit nervous… It is exciting too though. I have lived on my own before, but this is different…. I can’t explain how. Not just because it is a house, but I guess I feel my life is starting a new season, a new chapter.  It is still the middle of my story. But the plot is thickening… It seems when I turned thirty, the story is becoming more interesting and the twists are coming more often.

I did not think my life would change as drastically as it has… I knew when I moved up here God had a plan for me. I knew I was to be up here in Washington, but not exactly sure where till recently, nor why. I was not sure how I would survive…  I have been trusting God blindly, no knowing what would happen or where I would be each week.  Sometimes life calls for us to do that. It is far from easy, because trusting blindly, means you have to have COMPLETE trust! And I do have Complete trust in My God, His son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit!

Along this journey, I have met some nice people, made some good friends, and got a good deal of writing done. I have been a little lonely. It has not felt like home for a long time. However it has mostly been a fun adventure… But it has also stressful, not feeling like I had a place… I can because of this imagine what it would be like to be homeless… I have more compassion then I thought. I have a better understanding of Walking in faith… I have a strong faith, but each situation is different and calls for different control over different emotions…

I am so glad I had a roof over my head and food on my table.. For a while I worried where I would end up… What would happen to my cats. My mom’s realtors didn’t want me there, because I have not so good credit due to health bills… And I refused to sign their contract. My sister and her new husband are egger to live alone together in one house. Though work locations has kept them apart and not my presence..  I was still an extra body in the house when he was there and I know they longed to start their own lives together ….  No one resented me living with them and they love me. I know they all longed for their lives to become orderly and regular… Just like I have. We all have been far from regular since October 2010… Things have been hard, not just for me but for every one in my family, In their own ways…. This transmission has been done in complete faith, not known what will happen next, good or bad, we trusted God and took a major leap! Most of the time, in order to grow, we have to leave our comfort zone, our safe secure life, and take a risk. When Jesus asked the apostles to join him, they left everything to join him.

Matthew 19:27-30    27Then answered Peter and said unto him, Behold, we have forsaken all, and followed thee; what shall we have therefore?  28And Jesus said unto them, Verily I say unto you, That ye which have followed me, in the regeneration when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory, ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.  29And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name’s sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life.  30But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first.

Getting back to the story, A few months of going back and forth between my mom and Sister Amanda’s place, my mom found a house in a tiny town, called Klickitat. It is an old valley logging town that has been mostly abandoned.  But the faithful town folk have been loyal and stayed there not for just five or ten years, but for thirty to sixty years. The town has one of the top schools in the state, prek-12th grade, two churches, two small grocery stores, one restaurant – bar, a new deli shop,  a fire / emc station, and a post office… It is next to the Klickitat River.   It is a beautiful place, very peaceful and has the feeling of home.

As soon as I visited them, I feel in love with the place.  I was at the end of my rope happy for mom and dad, but beginning to feel the pressure of finding a place of my own, and the worry about how I would pay for it…. I only get so much per month and that goes fast to car and other bills… God told me to get a PoBox in This town. I was shocked, why get a PoBox there when I probably won’t be living there….

Once mom was settled into her place Amanda and I visited her again, My Parents have the river in their back yard.  After  a long talk and prayer mom and I heard we were supposed to ask about housing in town. One thing I need to mention, because of the great school the small town has few places to live, most people rent apartments because houses are hard to come by…  Also, for being one of the top pet friendly states in the US. most places do not allow pets.  It took my mom months to find a home that allowed both cats and dogs…

Yet we had to try. Thus we went to the small general store and we asked the store keeper after browsing for a little if he knew of any apartments available… He said none that he knew of. He had a friend with who stood up and said “I have a house that just became available.”  “How much per month would you charge? We can’t afford much.” My mother replied. “500.00 Would you like to see it?” he responded. That seemed very fair, and we agreed. It was not far and the place was a huge mess… But God told me this was it!  My mom and sister also herd the same thing. He asked when we would be interested to move in, we said June. There was one other couple he had offered the house to. So we had to wait and see what they said. If it was of God, then it would work out. After we took a tour of the house he mentioned he was also looking for someone to care for his mother when he was not around. So if we see people don’t worry. So I told him about my years of experience caring for the elderly, and he offered me the position. I was in shock…. But it gets better.. He told me he would definitely fix up the place for me, and he said since I would most likely be the one to move in, he showed me the paint he had picked out, and asked me what rooms would I like the colors in… And the paint he chose, were my colors!! ❤ WOW!! When God does something for you, He goes all out!

So here I am two months later, getting ready to move in to the newly renovated house tomorrow. It will be my first house, thought I have lived in apartments before…. I am more nervous than I have ever been about a move. But I know this was all God’s doing, so I will be fine. It is amazing seeing the favor, mercy, grace, and love of my father God at work!! I pray you all have at some time in your life, an amazing experience of God’s mighty handy work. Proverbs 3:6  “In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths. “ Jeremiah 33:3 Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.

We need to remember the power of Praise and Worship!

Take a few minutes and watch this video, This is an amazing song based on truth of God’s love! “God Will Make A Way”

God will make a way
where there seems to be no way !

God will make a way
God will make a way
Where there seems to be no way
He works in ways we cannot see
He will make a way for me
He will be my guide
Hold me closely to His side
With love and strength for each new day
He will make a way
He will make a way

Lyrics are on these videos “I surrender All” “Here I am to Worship” “Draw me Close to You!” “Lord I lift Your Name Om High” “You are my All in All” “Shout to the Lord”  “Lord I Lift Your Name On High”

God Bless you all!! Stay safe!!

~Amy Jane Sandberg~

Ant Flavored Coffee

Hello My Friends And Loved ones!

Well I did it, we loaded up my mom’s expiation with the last of my stuff, and arrived in my home town yesterday! When we got here it was dusk, so we ate dinner un-packed some, and went to bed early…

My cat Boa Bear greeted me right away, Rosa came out let me pet her a few times and has mostly hid from me since.. I am so happy to be back with them!!!

As soon as I woke up my day was busy. It started with a hearty steak, eggs, and hash-brown breakfast. No time for coffee, went to run errands with my dad. First stop was to see my house. It has come a long way when I first said I’d rent it.  I wish I had taken before pictures. It is sad the woman who lived there before left so much stuff, the house was in desperate need of repair… In a months time he has replaced the floors, fixed the wiring, cleaned out almost everything, repainted, added some fans, cleaned, added new doors, re-did the bathroom completely, built a new back porch, and fixed up the yard…. The house is still not done, he needs to finish the upstairs, new windows, and window air- conditioning units… But wow!! He has done an awesome job so far!!!

While there we unloaded the car load of stuff, met some neighbors, heard some gossip, and talked about the lease…  My land lord says I should be able to move in this week…. I am excited, but enjoying time with my parents!! I have internet here, but won’t be on it much. I have a lot to do with moving into my home, ect. I’ll miss you all!

When we got home latter that afternoon I decided it was time for coffee and found Ants in it!!! WHAT!!???!!   EEEKK!!!!  If you don’t know me I have an un-natural fear of ants and freaked out…  They are only sugar ants, but still……. They should not be there!   We made two pots of plain water and still they are full of ants…. Some point in the past few days they nested inside the big coffee pot… Thankfully the filter has blocked them from pouring into the actual cup, however they are in the coffee…. So my poor mom has discovered she has been drinking ant flavored coffee… EEEWWWW!!! Poooooooor mommy!!!!! That was the worst part of the day….

Dad stated a painting project while we women folk worked in the household chores, and other tasks outside… It was a great sunny / windy day.. If  you do not know this my parents have a river in their back yard. So we had the pleasure of watching people kayaking and rafting all day. We found a beaver dam! And mom saw a few Kangaroo Squirrels!!!

Kangaroo Squirrel

As it got dark we made dinner, I played with my cats, as I sat down to type this my mom’s dog was barking at something outside, my dad and I went out to see what, in hope that  it was deer, but it was a box my dad had just crated for his chain saw.  I didn’t believe that was what had scared Linus,  so I went out to test that theory, and sure enough when I picked up the box Linus barked slowly approached the box and went towards it. Dad explained to me that Linus notices anything out of place and lets them know…  That is one pretty smart dog!!

Today was one busy but good day, and I have a nice sunburn!! ❤

Good Night, sleep good, Be safe!!! Until next time!!

Happy Fathers Day!!

~The Still coffee less Amy Jane

Moving This Weekend!!

Hello my Friends, and Loved ones! 

This weekend I am moving.. House ready or not, here I come!!

I will also be starting a new job doing what I did many years ago. I will be an Adult Caregiver, Some call it a CNA (Certified Nursing assistant) But I will be mainly just keeping the woman company, feeding her meals, and writing my books in-between. Which is perfect!! I have a house next door to where I’ll be working, which makes the commute the best!!

I am not sure what is left to be done in my house, I’ll know as soon I get there. Until it is done I’ll be staying at my parents? Probably? About a mile away… Phone, net, and Tv, will not be hooked up until the second or third week of July. After the yearly family camping event!  ALSO ~ My cell phone will not work in my new home town.. So you will no longer be able to reach my by that number. However, I should be able to check my e-mails after work, some nights.

To all of you who love to write me letters, the first thing I will be doing is getting a PO BoX in my new Home Town!  Unfathomably, the mail man doesn’t like to travel into town much, so none of the homes have mail boxes..  So be on the look out for letters, post cards, and other things from me with my new address…

I am very nervous about living alone in my new home. It is an amazing house, but I am worried I may get a little lonely or I’ll hate it after a while… (Very Unlikely Though!)  I have always wanted to live in a small town, have my own house, and write!! And now it is coming true!!! ❤  God is so Amazing!!! I am still amazed how it feel into my lap like that!!

I have been moving a lot so it seems, since 2003, I may move more still…… But I hope and pray for a while, there, I can be settled and finish my books, at least a few of the many in progress!!! I long for some peace….

God always takes care of me, and loves us all!! Don’t ever forget that!!!

I must sleep now, or soon as I recive a few phone calls. Thanks for taking the time and reading!

~Amy Jane

What you need to know about me is!

The main things you need to know about me are: I am extremely loyal; I love beyond most people’s comprehension; I trust to easy, and expect trust, I keep my word and promises to the best of my ability; I will defend a friend / family members if that means loosing every one else’s favor and if need be to the point of death. (which I pray there won’t be a need for). If you burn (figure of speech) me I tend to give 3 chances after that I am done. I adore leanring and trying new things and meeting new people.  While enjoying what I have…

I am who I am Thanks to Jesus, I will never turn my back on my Father God who gave me the life and love I have today!

I am a passionet person who when attacked with a bad situation, sickness, ect.. I will fight to win! I don’t know what it means to give up in a battle…

I am not obbesive or cazy, I know how to let go and move on. And I will. Once I have made up my mind that is it. That is why I take my time in thinking things through when making decions. I like to pray and makesure they will be the right ones… Sometimes however one does not have that opion and I must just go with the flow. Which has been what all year has been like. But Praise God I am getting by day by day, and with Joy and blessings!!! I am a very blessed and My Lord takes care of me!

He wants to do the same for you if you will let Him….


~Amy Jane~

A New Home ~Short Story

A New Home

Hello, my name is Amy and this is my story. It was a normal hot and humid
day in July when I first met him. I had just had a horrid fight with my younger
sister Amelia and took escape with a walk. That is when I met the mystery guy.
He approached me when he noticed I was sad and he tried to cheer me up.

At that he was very successful. With a kind smile and a sincere look
I was drawn in. He notably has the most beautiful golden brown eyes I have ever
seen. They were eyes that shadowed his every emotion.

After that day I started waking more in hopes to see him again. And luckily
I did. After that we made it a habit to meet at least once a week when I went
on my walks. He was pleasurable to be with. And his company made me feel
relaxed and happy.

Around Halloween I finally learned his name was Tony. Why had I waited so long
before finding out is beyond me? It is such a nice name and his personality suited
the name well!

Latter that week I invited him over to meet my sisters, Amanda and Amelia.
Amanda and Tony seemed to relate to each other nicely thought it took a bit
for them to connect. However Amelia and him seemed to make a connection
right away. I was very pleased at this, especially since I was quickly falling in
love with him. After a nice visit I was sad to see him go.

A few days latter I was out walking not looking to find him when and I spotted
Tony at another woman’s apartment doorstep. I was upset and saddened by this.
So the very next day I approached her and asked her about her relationship with
Tony she replied that they were just friends and that I had nothing to worry about.
I was very pleased to learn this but was unsure how true her words were. So I asked
her to kindly back off for a while to see who he liked more. She agreed but she never did..

Near Thanksgiving I started to make him dinner ever night which he seemed to
really like and it made me happy. I started seeing Tony every day as a result.
It greatly pained me to leave him when I had to visit my parents for the holiday.
But I left him with a promise that I would return.

When I returned in mid December he was no where to be seen, and I didn’t know where exactly he
lived. I was depressed and mad at myself for never searching out those details. Luckily after only a
week I saw Tony near the mail boxes. I was overjoyed by this and we walked home together. Again
I invited him over and he accepted but didn’t stay for long.

At last, just before Christmas things changed. One night Tony seemed extra pleased to
see me. It looked like he had been involved in a fight and he was very shook up and his ear was bleeding.
So once more I invited him into my apartment. And he gracelessly agreed. This time though, I refused to let
him leave.

So finally he is mine alone, and we are happy..!!! Tomorrow he has a vet appointment for some vaccination shots
and to be neutered. Poor guy…. But then He will finally be forever mine!! He now has a new home with me.
And he has greatly brightened my life and given me hope and a purpose. I hope he feels the same way about
me as I do him.

– Amy Jane 2006 –



Where do I start?

Where do I start?

My plans are not God’s plans.. Something I have learned a lot about, especially over the past six years.. However, GOD’s Plans are soooooo much better than mine!!! ❤ I can’t wait to see what he has for me next!!

I moved to Washington State, from Florida mid-January 2011. I looked forward to the adventure and change. But I’ve had this unsettled feeling. Inside, I knew I wasn’t to live with my parents, but I also knew I was not to be living with my sister Amanda.  I couldn’t understand why or how but I would be living elsewhere.. My unsettled feeling, though fun in the start, began to change to the feeling that I didn’t belong anywhere…

After a few months had gone by my parents got a new place in a very tiny town. When I went to visit them I got the feeling I would be living there soon. Just like when my little sister went to college in Gainesville, I knew I would be going also! But the question was how, and when…. I began to become very irritable, impatient, and bad things kept happening… One week in particular was horrid…  I got the flu, had a major allergic reaction and someone tried to break in, among other things, while I was alone in my sister’s house… As a result I had a major break down and cried my heart out to God…

I yelled at Him (Not the best Idea) Asked why my life was so hard, how and when would I see changes in it for the better? When would it be my turn to be happy???  Where do I belong, with who??? Ect….. After hours of crying and a nice warm shower, I had an amazing peace come over me…  I slept the best I had in months…

The next day a guy I had known for years re-confessed his cares to me, and when I opened my heart to him I felt whole… It was as if I had blinders on, like some use to direct horses, lifted away and I was able to see how amazing he really was, and how sincere he is. It has been a few months and I am still with him, and still very happy!!!

A few weeks later I visited my mother and we decided to ask around about an apartment in the town. This town is very small but the school is amazing so places to live is scarce. We walked into the general store and asked the shop keeper. Before he could reply his friend announced he had a house he wanted to rent out… And asked if we wanted to see it… Of course we said yes.. It is a cute two bedrooms, a large living room / dining room, a big kitchen, a decent sized bathroom with a cool antique tub, a good sized utility room, a sweet upstairs loft and a decent sized front yard / fenced in back yard… He also told me he would allow my three cats which is the amazing part. (Not many people up here like pets though they seem to support rescues)

After a thorough inspection and prayer we told him I was definitely interested… We waited a week because he had offered it to another young couple with a child first, but they said no.. So it will be MY FIRST HOME!!!!   And the story gets better…. He offered me a job to watch and feed his mother when he is away… The job I had years ago as a C.N.A. before I went to collage…

My new Landlord is cleaning up the house, repainting (he happened to have my favored colors), put new flooring in, along with redoing the bath room, put in a new heater, adding some air condoning window units. He is leaving me a fridge, stove / oven, the washer, the dryer… What a blessing!! My family has been blessing me with other needs that I could not afford… I will be moving in sometime towards the end of the month!!!

Isn’t God Amazing!!! He took my mess, my chaos, and turned it completely around because I was willing to let Him be in control, because I trusted Him, because He loves me… He did this all for me!!! I am soooooo thankful; the emotions are beyond words… Ever since I turned thirty things have been getting better and better!!!


*I’m Publishing a Story & Poem

*I got a new Home

*I got a new Job

*I have an Amazing Man in my life

*My needs being filled

*I get to keep my cats

*And I think I found an artist for my comic

Remember, sometimes it takes time to get what your praying for, just because it does not happen when you want it too does not mean it will not happen… God has a master plan! As long as you trust Him and let Him be in control everything will work out..!!!

 The Devil comes only to steal from you, to kill you, and to destroy you! But I (God) comes to bring you LIFE (everything good + eternal life) and to bring it ABUNDENTLY!!! ~~John 10:10~~


~*Amy Jane

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