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I am Moving soon…..

Hello My friends!

I am moving some time in the next 3 months.. I am not sure on the exact date because I have to wait for some things to get done first and that takes money and time….

Things I am waiting on:

New Tires

Engine Tune Up

Fix My Laptop

Medical Apts

Medical records – transfer


If I was moving down the road or to a different town it would be no big deal but I am moving to a new state. So there is ALOT to get done.. My sister already left, my mother leaves in short time… Then I will go and latter the rest of my family will follow…   So If I am a bit out of it and not keeping up to date with you all I am sorry I have a lot on my mind and plate right now… I am also going to loose internet  soon for a while. I am not sure how long…

Please keep me and my family in your prayers!!

~Amy Jane

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