Monthly Archives: July 2016

…. I tried to fix my computer myself

Out of desperation. I am tired of only having the tablet to write on. I followed the instructions put in the recovery disc…… Six hours later… lots of noise – but still just a black screen….. I wish my computer friend Jim in NY were here to help… Looks like I’m going to have to take it in after all… 😦 But first I have more imperative financial services to pay for. Which I am really beginning to get excited about. Which is thanks to: God, My supportive family, friends, Mikey (my pal and muse), Jay Jay (My Graphic designer) and Sara Tassill (My editor) ♡ Love you all so much. Thanks for helping me and believing in me. #DreamBig #dontgiveup#ANovelLife #AmyJaneSandberg