A New Home ~Short Story

A New Home

Hello, my name is Amy and this is my story. It was a normal hot and humid
day in July when I first met him. I had just had a horrid fight with my younger
sister Amelia and took escape with a walk. That is when I met the mystery guy.
He approached me when he noticed I was sad and he tried to cheer me up.

At that he was very successful. With a kind smile and a sincere look
I was drawn in. He notably has the most beautiful golden brown eyes I have ever
seen. They were eyes that shadowed his every emotion.

After that day I started waking more in hopes to see him again. And luckily
I did. After that we made it a habit to meet at least once a week when I went
on my walks. He was pleasurable to be with. And his company made me feel
relaxed and happy.

Around Halloween I finally learned his name was Tony. Why had I waited so long
before finding out is beyond me? It is such a nice name and his personality suited
the name well!

Latter that week I invited him over to meet my sisters, Amanda and Amelia.
Amanda and Tony seemed to relate to each other nicely thought it took a bit
for them to connect. However Amelia and him seemed to make a connection
right away. I was very pleased at this, especially since I was quickly falling in
love with him. After a nice visit I was sad to see him go.

A few days latter I was out walking not looking to find him when and I spotted
Tony at another woman’s apartment doorstep. I was upset and saddened by this.
So the very next day I approached her and asked her about her relationship with
Tony she replied that they were just friends and that I had nothing to worry about.
I was very pleased to learn this but was unsure how true her words were. So I asked
her to kindly back off for a while to see who he liked more. She agreed but she never did..

Near Thanksgiving I started to make him dinner ever night which he seemed to
really like and it made me happy. I started seeing Tony every day as a result.
It greatly pained me to leave him when I had to visit my parents for the holiday.
But I left him with a promise that I would return.

When I returned in mid December he was no where to be seen, and I didn’t know where exactly he
lived. I was depressed and mad at myself for never searching out those details. Luckily after only a
week I saw Tony near the mail boxes. I was overjoyed by this and we walked home together. Again
I invited him over and he accepted but didn’t stay for long.

At last, just before Christmas things changed. One night Tony seemed extra pleased to
see me. It looked like he had been involved in a fight and he was very shook up and his ear was bleeding.
So once more I invited him into my apartment. And he gracelessly agreed. This time though, I refused to let
him leave.

So finally he is mine alone, and we are happy..!!! Tomorrow he has a vet appointment for some vaccination shots
and to be neutered. Poor guy…. But then He will finally be forever mine!! He now has a new home with me.
And he has greatly brightened my life and given me hope and a purpose. I hope he feels the same way about
me as I do him.

– Amy Jane 2006 –



About Amy Jane Sandberg

~God Bless You!~

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