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Amy’s News..

* Lately I have been wondering what can I do to better myself, for me and the people around me. So I am walking more, eating better, going out more, writing more, and trying my best no to let the tough situations that arise get to me like I was recently. I am so glad every day is a new day with the chance for me to keep improving. And I realized yet again it is a state of mind. If you wanna do better you have to think better. You have to train your thoughts.. Sounds easy right? A lot easier said then done yes! However when you have or can find a reason to be happy. The task almost resolves its self. If your happy, it is a lot easier to change the way you are thinking, to become better. Because I found when I am happy I want to do all the things I am training my mind for.. But that is only the start.. The hard part is following through… Which means for me, wake up, get out of bed and hop to it…  I am really bad about getting out of bed in the mornings… I like to lay there and day dream all snug in bed….But hey… At least I know what my main problem is… I love my bed to much… lol….

* AS A REMINDER! I am having a small story, a quick overview, of what God has done for me, being published in a book. With a poem I wrote.. The book is called “A New Song” and should between Mid May – Late July. Please keep the book in your prayers.. My story in there is only a small taste of what the book I am writing is a bout. My book goes into a lot more details and accounts.. It is more emotional and heart touching.. But the story is the same too, just in a smaller context.. So reading both is good… Especially if you don’t wanna wait to see what God has done for me, and for my word to be back and running..

* I downloaded ywriter5 it is a program kind of like excell that is subposed to helm me keep characters, chapters, outlines of my book in order. Plus help me stay on track. I don’t have that trouble “yet” but it is a pretty  cool tool.. And completely free… I just need to figure out how to use it… lol

* Since I can’t use word I am working on the new book, via Google Doc’s (I love ya Google) and it is flowing pretty nicly.. But in the mean time I am working on outlines, re thinking plot lines, developing characters, and creating a script / story line for a comic, I hope to find some one to draw for me soon…. I started it  (more here )  But it didn’t start good and I wasn’t confidant in the story line I had. But now I am and it is much better.. I just need to find a good artist, willing to draw it when I get more done… I need an artist who can draw cats, dogs, trucks (insides) big breasted ladies, christian themed stories, and other goodies.. I don’t wanna give away to much… If your interested please post here. I would like it to be on a site where people could read for free or have to pay, or donations welcome…  I would work out a payment plan with you and give you half the credit…  if interested email me at coffeedreamr(@)

*I have a busy day ahead of me. I’ll try and post more what is going on with me, but that is the main info for now…

* LAST THOUGHT BEFORE I GO I am still in between homes… God has a plan for me I know it.. I miss my cats dearly, and my family and friends still in Florida. So please keep that in your prayers.. Ask God to help me find a place to live where I can keep my cat and be close to my family..  Thanks!!

~Love ya!

~Amy Jane Sandberg

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