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Shout out to the “AWC”

ūü󣬆I want to give a shout out to “AWC”. I found them thanks to¬†JJ’s Design and Creations. I’m happy to have found them. Espessily¬†Gina Wynn! She is such a joy to work with.¬†It has taken me months to seek out a good formatter since Amazon decided to declare my kindle book full of errors. And thus removed from Kindle Select. I was so sad… Then my personal computer broke and it took me even longer to find a formatter. Thanks to her not only do I get a pretty new kindle book, I get a nice epub and pdf version too. As well as a new friend!¬† She is now also a team member at A Novel Life LLC.¬†Woot! Woot! I can not wait to finish more books so I can have her work her magic!¬†

 Check them out!

I give them  Five Stars!


‚ēįŠÉ¶‚ēģ¬†Amy Jane Sandberg‚ēįŠÉ¶‚ēģ

A Blessing in Disguise.


Oh Hello there,

It is that time again right… The ¬†time to update you on all that is happening… ¬†I can’t believe how fast time flies…

*First off: After along debate with myself and some other people. I looked into globally publishing my faith ¬†short story “God Supplies and Miracles still Happen”. God’s ¬†timing is always perfect. Before when I had looked into publishing on Amazon and Barns and Noble it would have cost me $200.00 each. But when I looked into it again recently I saw it ¬†has now become free…. Seriously??? Woot!!!

So I ¬†started proof reading my ¬†book that was out for sale and re-formatting it for the global copy and I caught some big errors… Some how I had published the wrong copy of my book… How embarrassing… ¬†I sure hope no one bought any of those bad copies… The story is still good. However¬†some key things had errors. Such as:¬†¬†my parents rode a train to San Francisco not a plane… Since I had some how deleted the better copy I had to start editing all over again… ¬†This turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I increased the book by almost 10 pages… And I rearranged some things, so it flows much better. I sent the ¬†final copy to ¬†someone I trust to edit it further.. When I get it back I’ll re check it, make the appropriate changes and ¬†re-publish ¬†it on

Since the books I have up are glitched.¬†I removed the links to them ¬†for now. Once I get it back I will ¬†re format those books and put in the new content… I have to do it for ¬†both books. ¬†You will be able to order copies of these exclusively ¬†from LuLu when I put them back up… And Now ¬†I’ll have a third copy… It will be saddle stitched. ¬†I have to order ¬†a copy to see how it turns out, which can take up tow weeks, and once I give the go ahead they will send it to their approval team to make sure everything is good and it is presentable to be mass produced. ¬†That ¬†can take up six to eight weeks. EEk! Once it is approved, which I know it will be, The book will be available ¬†for sale and ¬†at more then the two places. ¬†I am so excited and Scared!!!! I never dreamed this would be so realistic and my dream is finally coming to it’s beginning… I know some of you have been waiting literally years…

*Second: Now that I have that taken care of I am back to working on the other three books. I am honestly ¬†re- Thinking Amy Jane’s Mini Assortments… I still wanna ¬†do it, however. I am not sure to what scale and what ¬†exactly do I want the contents to contain now. I just don’t seem like the grand example of my work as I first thought it to be.. So while I barley work on that I am currently ¬†working on finishing “Deeply Rooted In Him” ¬†The next book I hope to publish and by the end of the year too…. ¬†And of course I’m working on my main. “Miracles still Happen Today”. ¬†Both are coming along very nicely. I am debating changing ¬†the name, of ” Miracles Still Happen Today”. ¬†I’ll cross that road once it is done..

*Third: I found 3 of my fictions… Two of the three are mostly up ¬†to date, which I am pleased to have printed notes on… And one that is really out of date. I don’t think I will dare even touching that one till much latter.. But now when I get burned out and fried from working on my personal and faith¬†stories I now have another set of outlets ¬†to work on and relive my stress. ¬†I am so happy about that.. But ¬†Don’t get your hopes up.. They are far from being done and I still have some plot kinks to figure out Before get get to deep into the story.

*Lastly: Thank you so much for reading and caring about my work. It means so much to me and encourages me, even-tho I revive so little comments. I am so pleased my¬†ambition and passion matters to you even if it¬†is the tiniest¬†bit… ¬†~HUGS~

  ~Amy Jane Sandberg

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