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Back in the Swing again……

Hello there!!

I have been out due to bad sinuses for almost a month. Wet weather, and lots of pollen do not work well together.  This really sucks, not being able to stay awake well or think clearly due to a throbbing head…  Not wanting to eat anything because you can’t breath completely…  However I am, Finlay over it. Thank you  God!! I have been feeling horrible about not writing.

So I will be working on my books again come Monday. I have to get some chapters to my mom’s friend. Every time I tried before the file would not save right. I am just gonna print the selected pages and hope that works..

Also one of my favored online comic artistes are on FourmSpring, so I decided to join too. If you don’t know what that is. It is just a place to ask questions and see answers to them..  It is quite addicting. XD  Speaking of Comics.. The blog one I started some people can not see the images so I do not know what to do… 😦

Thank you Farah for your support!! ❤ it makes me want to work harder!!

~Anjiu SutoMu ~Amy Jane~

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