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2018 Goals


ūü§ĒSomeone asked me what my goals are for this month. after thinking about it for a few days here is my answer…. I’m going to keep it simple.

„ÄįÔłŹMy goals for the next few months„ÄįÔłŹ

ūüďĆ Write for at least two hours a day.‚Ź≥ūüďĚūüďáūüíĽ
ūüďĆFinish Spring / Summer cleaning.ūüõćūüćÉūüõĘ
ūüďĆFinish A book or several books.ūüßĚ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ‚úćūüóāūüďö
ūüďĆKeep in contact with peopleūüíĆūüíē
ūüďĆExercise more.ūüé≥ūüŹä‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹūüö∂‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹūüí™
ūüďĆWork on Blog and A Novel Life LLC.

ūüėČ Last but not least -Make you Smike!

‚ēįŠÉ¶‚ēģ¬†Amy Jane Sandberg‚ēįŠÉ¶‚ēģ



What is our Worth….

Let me ask you – How often do you wonder if what your doing has any purpose and meaning? How often do you question what your life is worth? To many people don’t see their own worth…. My aunt as an example. She was a: kind, smart, talented, caring, and fun actress who touched so many people ones she knew and didn’t ever meet. Sadly she never grasped her worth. She was so hard on herself, She would say I wish I could do better or was better. She was a wonderful woman who brought joy to so many. she touched so many lives in such great ways… Yet she didn’t value herself much.

We all live different lives, we all are unique individuals and we all have impact on others. It could be in our: local community; an online community – games, forums,chat-rooms, Facebook, YouTube instagram twitter, work; school; church; family; etc… Anytime you talk to someone else you are effecting or affecting their lives and day in some way. Do you make people smile? Or do you tear people down.. But….. He/she treats me like…… That doesn’t matter your not measuring their worth, you are measuring ours… We have need to take responsibly and be accountable how we treat others. You want to know what your worth is? Look at how you treat others..

We may say: I am who I am? I just want to be myself why do I have to be nice… The bible say treat others as you want to be treated. (Luke6:31) ¬†Even if you don’t believe in the Bible or God, it is a good rule to live by. So let me ask you –¬†How do you want others to treat you? Sadly others may not threat you kind and there are some who will never treat you the way you wish they would… But that doesn’t affect your Value! So what if there is one person who doesn’t appreciate you… If you see it or not there are people who you touch.

Lets talk about our appearance next. Are we what society says is: overweight, thin, sexy, tall, short, beautiful, handsome, homely, athletic, etc? What else do they say about us? Wait!!!!!!!! That’s labeling!!! We may fit into one of those categories but that does not define our worth! Those labels can act as boosters or most common as restraints. We tie ourselves down by what others say we are or what we can do. We need to stop doing that. Because let me tell you Your worth is un-measurable, your value is priceless!

It doesn’t matter what you do, how you or how you look. Only you an decide your importance, our value, our worth. We are invaluable, Priceless, irreplaceable, precious, incomparable, unequaled.

I challenge you to do as I am doing: Tell yourself you are important, you are beautiful, handsome, sexy, and awesome! Tell yourself you can succeed and that you wont give up on whatever you are reaching for. DO it as often as you need to and you will start to be happier. We all get emotional and have down days but its just a moment in time, and it will pass. Stay strong and don’t be afraid to talk to others when you need encouragement and support. You have¬†purpose and meaning. No one can be ¬†better you, you are un-matched.

I love ya¬†– don’t forget¬†you are awesome!!!
‚ēįŠÉ¶‚ēģ‚̧‚ē≠ŠÉ¶‚ēĮ Amy Jane ‚ēįŠÉ¶‚ēģ‚̧‚ē≠ŠÉ¶‚ēĮ


There was a massive fire only a street away from our house! It was super scary!!! It was started by a bad power-line. The flames ran up the side of the mountain and on to the bluff we live… It was defiantly life changing… Fear is powerful, it is brain numbing too at times… I rarely have faced a situation where I lost the power to think. I was mentally and physically frozen for a few minuets. So I prayed… Because that is what I do when I know not what to do, I ask God. And then I made mental notes of where the animals were, where what I needed to save was… I was faced with the reality. It is really interesting what really goes though your mind when faced with the question- There is a fire, what is the one thing you save? If the fire reached us, I would loose so many items, some collectors, none of them as important as the my family and pets… The first thing I thought of, was I have no pet carrier for the cats, what will I do with them? Let them outside to fend for themselves if it comes to it, animals are smart and they have instincts would they make it? No… I’ll try and wrap them in a towel put them in the car hope I don’t drop them on the way down… If I must I will… I told myself Then I quickly found my dog leash, and got her downstairs. (I live on a second story with stairs on the outside.) I kept a close eye on the fire. I have to say the Firemen were fast, brave and awesome! The news said we had only seven fire trucks, but I counted about thirty-three of all types.. There was even helicopters working hard to put the fire out!

I was about to pack up and get us all of us out of the house but then I looked over to the empty field next door and saw about ten deer peacefully eating grass and sleeping. After that I felt peace and I knew we would be safe. Just then the wind shifted and instead of blowing north it stated to blow west… Which was good! Soon after that They had the fire out near the homes, but the fire moved fast west… The poor firemen worked well into the night and into the next morning to get the massive fire out.

We were so blessed not to have any homes or people hurt in our small town. The firemen did an awesome job! God is so good! Sometimes still when I see smoke I quickly go over the emergency list I have prepared in my mind, what I need to do etc as i it were a natural reaction… Fear is a funny thing and very powerful… This whole thing was super scary but a great lesson of faith and a real test. One which I am glad we didn’t have to take!

‚ô•Love ya, Amy Jane Sandberg

I’m back to work!


I’m back home and off to work.


My sisters wedding was beautiful. I was very happy to have spent time with all the family. It was a¬† small but wonderful wedding,¬† one of the best I have been to! Plus it was a mini¬† family reunion! She is so blessed so many people wanted to be there for her joyous day.¬† The only thing missing were my¬† brothers and aunt Christine. I still fel sad that Shane is now in heaven. But I know he is in a better place and I will see him again one day. I just hope he¬† was able to look down and see her day.. Funny, I always though that line was a little cheesy,¬† never thought it was possible. I mean I know they are always wit us.. Bit to say that myself… I feel the dept¬† of those words…¬† Pardon me while I go cry…

My Sister Amelia and I have come a long way in our relationship.¬† I¬† realized we both were a bit envious of each-other.. Silly how envy¬† can tear people apart.¬† I am so happy for her, beyond words. I think both my sisters are blessed with wonderful husbands!¬†¬† Now it’s my turn..¬†¬† (I know, when the time I right I will have mine. I am not in a hurry!)¬† My nephew was a doll!! I adore him… I miss him tons. I can’t wait till¬† I see them next time!

I’m sorry I meant to keep this short.¬† Last thing….

My files are a mess on the computer and in hard copies, andmy net is limited…. Thank God I have my computer back tho. I can’t wait to finish some of these books… I am so grateful that have the time and help when I need it. I¬† have a bad habit of jumping in headfirst and catching up latter…¬† Now her¬† I am back to work and regretting my quick filing system.¬† I have a lot of organizing, updating,¬† formatting¬† rearranging and lots of writing to do. Where is that personal assistant I’ve been meaning to¬†¬† find… lol… I would love to have an office¬† to go to: with a huge desk,¬† multiple display monitors, several computers, and a staff to help me. ¬† Maybe one day?¬† Till then I have a apt, with a small office, 2 filing cabinets full of research and hard copies print0uts of my work, a Great Dane who is leaning when to settle down while I work… Mom said shes never met a Great Dane so hyper…¬† God knew what I needed tho,¬† I would be so bored and lonely with out her. I have¬† a demanding but wonderful neighbors.¬† I love the new place now, tho I have only been actually home here 1 moth, its like living in a¬† yearlong vacation spot out of a book I’d read…¬† So many wonderful¬† wildlife, and I’m up high, so I have great views all around me… Thank you so much for sticking with me and continuing to support me with encouragement and pushing me to work… I have so many¬† books in progress, I’ve narrowed it down to just 3¬† for now till they are finished….¬† God bless you all, and I pray you have favor in all you do!

ŠÉ¶‚ô•ŠÉ¶ Amy Jane Sandberg ŠÉ¶‚ô•ŠÉ¶

Twister Alert!

 Hello My  Loyal Friends and Family, 
Lately¬†Life has been ¬†for me like a Twister ¬†and I don’t mean the game. I mean the big scary Tornado kind. ¬†Fasten your seat belts, ¬†your about to enter the vortex of Life!
Some Good, Some Bad. I don’t know where to start…
It ¬†guess ¬†it all started when I moved up north! ¬†I had to lean to live out of a suit case, I had to lean not to plan ¬†so much. That was hard, I greatly enjoy¬†planing¬†things, ¬†I lost a love and gained a stronger better love then I could have hoped for! I had a small stroke. ¬†Fiances¬†have been tight but I have been lucky ¬†enough to be blessed enough to still do things I enjoy, like get an Ice¬†Tot-ti¬† and a slice of¬†quiche¬† on the weekend at the local cafe.¬†I’ve¬†had several¬†emotional¬†break downs, while working on my book ¬†and at other times, which I highly regret. ¬†Among other struggles, life has been mostly good. God is always Good! ¬†¬†
Last month I went to Florida, ¬†My dad and I ¬†drove ¬†for five days across the USA, ¬†to see my sister, her son, her boyfriend, and other people we care about. It was a great trip, though I missed ¬†a few planned ¬†events with some people due to¬†schedule¬†differences. I was so happy to see my family, I miss them so much, though I don’t think I showed it well.. ¬†My nephew is getting so big so fast! My sister has some room mates with her right now and they have a son who needs a lot of attention, and is cute as a button. I wish I could have adoped him. He needs a good foundtion of rules and love. I would have loved to be the one who gave it to him, since his parents are lacking in that area. However they do seem to care about his well being. Where they lack ¬†my sister has taken over and is doing a great job caring for him when they don’t. ¬† I am so proud of her. She is a great Mother!
I also ¬†got to go to an awesome drive through zoo with lots of ¬†unique animals that one can not see at most ¬†zoo’s. ¬†We had a white¬†rhino¬† stalk us and at one point we worried he would ram our truck! ¬†EEKK! ¬†Thankfully he decided to ¬†go by with out a scratch. ¬†We fed¬†giraffes, man were they cool!!! ¬†I wanted to take Cupid home, he was such a lover!! ¬†
I got to ¬†finish the Disney Zorro series with a beloved friend! I love that Zorro!! ¬†(hums the them song, he marks them with a Z! ) ¬†He had some awesome outfits, moves, I really loved most the characters, ¬†especially¬†Zorro,¬†Bernard, Sargent Garcia, ¬†and His loyal friend.. ¬† I ¬†didn’t care to much about the sudden ending, I had hoped he would have settled down with a woman……. I guess he Knows that he is mine ¬†;p (Just Kidding) I will look into it latter¬†especially¬†the books.. Besides The Xmen,¬†Spider-Man, and Superman!, He is one of my favored hero’s!
I also ¬†went to¬†Florida¬†to get my first Dog. The family has had dog’s before but this one is all Mine. A ¬†female, ¬†A Pure, ¬†Blue¬†Harlequin¬†Great Dane, with one blue eye and one gold eye. My parents own her half brother, that part was not planed. ¬†I fell in love with her before we knew the blood line. She is a hand full. She is ¬†headstrong, very very smart, sneaky, a climber, and has a¬†attitude, but she is also sweet, ¬†playful, loving, and great with children, and other pets.. She is a real gift from God. She has a real way with people too.. It is hard to stay ¬†sad with her around, I call her my little healer! I ¬†don’t know how I made it with out her. She is growing so fast too! ¬†Lily Belle is about 15 weeks now, about 40lbs, and is up to my knees already.. ¬†I’m 5 feet and 1 inches tall by the way… ¬†Thankfully she is now mostly house trained, at least at my house! ¬†;p ¬†Did you know puppy poop ¬†smells much worse then a ¬†baby’s dirty dipper… EWW!!
It took us 7 full days to ¬†drive back to Washington!! Sheesh!!!! ¬† We had to avoid snow storms, my ¬†Nitro ¬†does not have snow tiers, and is not a 4X4. On the way back home we saw my other brother and his girlfriend, ¬†one of my dearest friends ¬†with her family including my god¬†children. I was so happy to see them! I wish they lived closer! I will make an effort to not wait so many years next time!! ¬†I got to taste the great salt lake flats, and man was that good salt! It reminds me we are the salt of the earth… Says the Bible.. we saw a huge tree farm that went on for about 15 miles and probably¬†covered¬†over 1000 acres¬†from baby to adult trees! It was a unique site to behold!
We stopped at my grandma Nanna and Baca’s house for one night and got to¬†experience¬†my first snow of the season there in my birth town. It was amazing! I am so thankful for that!!! ¬†We also stopped at a¬†Cherokee¬†town, and I got to learn more about my heritage. ¬†Along the way we went through: ¬†a few ¬†small snow storm’s, a sand storm, salt smog, ¬†city smog, saw a¬†coyote¬† run¬†across¬†our path, saw ¬†lots of: Antelope,¬†Buffalo, Deer, and ¬†lots and lots of cows… Not¬†including¬†the road kill of: frets, ¬†beavers, skunks, badgers,¬†coyotes, foxes, Porcupines,¬†Muskrats,¬†nutrias,¬†bob cat, a lot of some kind of animal that was a ball of fur kind of like a big hamster not sure what it was, and much more…. It really¬†saddened¬†me to see so many ¬†dead and that I saw a wider verity of dead animals then I did live ones!! ¬†¬†here is a site of ¬†some of what I saw, it is not for the queasy ¬†to look at… ¬† ¬† ¬†
Next time I think I wanna take a train! 
When we finally got home, we had to a lot to do¬†especially¬†me, I had to¬†finish¬†settng up ¬†the guest room / office, and other things around the house before the holiday visits began…. ¬†I was all excited and¬†motivated¬†to work on on my books, when I got done with thr chores a few days latter only to find out my free word ¬†trial ¬†had worn out. Boo..¬†
Two weeks latter, For thanksgiving my other sister  with her husband, and other brother with his girlfriend with his children our other nice and nephew. (Yes I have 4 siblings,  there are five of us all together.)Came with five dogs all together and nine people it was a mad house..   Yet it went much better then any of us had hoped. It was very hectic, but the time together seemed to flow nicely by.
Now every one is gone and I am left alone once more at my house, with a sink full of dirty dishes, a¬†bunch¬†of torn peppers around the house, and Christmas around the¬†coroner… ¬†My head and body feels like a whirl wind of emotions, pains, aches, thoughts, and it is all making me dizzy… ¬† I can’t¬†believe¬†how much has¬†happened¬†this year, with the move, getting a story published, my new house, ect.. It feels like it¬†happened¬†so fast and at the same time this year feels like it has been several years in the making.. It has been one struggle and blessing after another!!
By the way my sister got me office professinal from work, but now she can’t find th code. I pray she finds it soon I’m itching to write!!! ¬†;p ¬†
I love you, Be safe, God Bless you all!
~Amy Jane


Talk about an¬†adrenalin¬†rush!! I ¬†just cleaned out my office ( for the most part) in ¬†under an hour!!! ¬†Along with unpacking 3 boxes, ¬† dishes, ¬†sweeping, ¬†and watching an hour show!! ¬†I got more ¬†done in this hour then I have had time to do in weeks!!! ¬† Do you have ¬†times like these too? It is so amazing how much you can done when you work¬†like¬†that. ¬†Yet it happens; I moved so fast. I felt like the woman from “No Ordinary Family” with her super speed!! Seriously, WOW! If I had a before and after picture of that room you would be amazed.

It seemed like; Every time I started working on just that room, something would always come up… ¬†Good thing, ¬†my aunt and uncle¬†surprised¬†me and are coming in the morning!! ¬†They will be the first¬†relatives¬†to see my house besides my baby sister, and my parents since I moved in… ¬†I though I had more time like til the end of the month when my Nanna and Baca (grandma n’ grandpa) are coming; and soon after my boyfriend early¬†October¬†. ¬†Good thing I started doing the other chores yesterday and this¬†morning. My house has not been so clean since my sister¬†visited. It is not hard to clean but I was pet sitting and and not putting things away, not¬†folding, kind of adds up ;p

I am glad they are coming. I meant to sleep but didn’t wanna leave the main stuff ¬†for¬†morning.. Now I just have lil things to do… ¬†shower, and clear off ¬†dining room table, and hopefully finish folding the clean ¬†cloths ( in 3 garbage bags…) ¬†That is the chore I hate most! ¬†folding, boo! ¬†I don’t have a dryer, it is in the lease that the washer and dryer belong to the land lord. Even if I¬†could¬†get one I can’t afford one, so thankfully I can wash my stuff at my beloved parents house not to far from here. ¬†God is so Good!

In the last 8 months I have really leaned to treasure the little things, the pleasure of a¬†shower, a cozy bed to sleep in at night, a¬†vehicle¬†to get around, ¬†doctors, ¬†pots n’n pans, dishes, silverware, hot¬†water, soap, loved ones, a helping hand, patience, joy, health, food, internet, a phone! Praise God I have them! After living out of a suitcase for 5 months travling back and forth from ¬†family homes, it is so nice to have a place to be proud of, a place God has blessed me with to keep me safe, and where I can share my time with people who are important to me!!

I had this whole other blog I was gonna write, but it will have to wait till latter, sleep has finally come and now I am saying  good night! God bless you, and take time to remember and treasure the people and little thing in your life that are important.

~Amy  Jane

“Miracles Still Happen Today” Intro

“Miracles Still Happen Today”

This Book is dedicated to:

First and foremost God my Father the Alpha and Omega! My beloved family! And every one who believes in God and has Jesus in their hearts!  But also to those who do not believe in Jesus or my Father God yet.

!This is to Everyone!

~With all my Love~

I want you to know that God Loves you and cares about your life. Whether you think so or not.

And I would like to add…..

‚ÄúShit (always) happens‚ÄĚ

‚ÄďForest Gump‚Äď

My Opening Words to you my readers.

You are probably wondering what this book is going to be about… Well, honestly I don‚Äôt know what exactly myself… I am just following God‚Äôs orders and writing it. This has been years in the making. The book should have been done well before now, ‚ÄúI think‚ÄĚ. However God‚Äôs timing is always perfect and more has happened to me and I now have clarity and wisdom I can use to better express myself.

I can also tell you it will have key points of my life story and people I know which will all be based on facts. I promise I won’t bore you with the little things in my life.  I will be pouring my heart out as I write this. It has not been and will not be an easy task. It has brought some very raw emotions to the surface, for me and for the others involved in my life. Nevertheless these events have to be told so that you may learn from them and find your own strength, clarity, peace, healing, and most of all JOY!

To reiterate the main topic is about my life. How it has not been easy to live for me. How it is not easy to live as a believer for any one Christian and non Christian a like. And how time after time we find the strength we need, the faith, the grace, and miracles big and small. You will be amazed by some of the stories and maybe brought to tears at times too. But in the end I hope you will smile and find a personal walk with My Father and yours; in your own life!


I ask that you please take the time and read each bible verse I list as they come up so that you understand the points, examples, I am making as I go. I am compiling a list of the ones I am using in full, in this book. In King James Version and [1]N.I.V. for your easy access and in case you do not have a bible or internet access. I do suggest you look it up on your own when you have some free time too.

Disclaimer: I will have you know:

I am writing what I know to the best of my ability on the many circumstances in which the events happened to me with accuracy. And not exclusively in the order the events took place. So I will also add a time line in the back of the book. But I will try my best to stay on the main time line. Everything I describe is indeed FACT not fiction in anyway. Please read with an open mind.

Thank you!

Life. Books on hold this week….

Hey All,

I know I just found my passion for writing again and have been at it but..   Life just keeps throwing things at me and I have been unable to find the time or the energy to write.

My family lost a pet Thursday night, which has been really hard on me. Charlie our dog was close to me, but it was his time. He lived a long good life, and he did not suffer much. In addition to that I had a friend visiting from out of town and was spending a lot of time with her, while catching my self up with other friends, and making some new ones. All while avoiding my home for obvious reasons.. (Charlie is not here any more and it was to hard to face the music.) Plus I went to the gym five days in a row, for almost three hours each time.  So I would only be home to sleep.

Unfortunately that has caught up to me and I think I have a cold now.. If not that, All I want to do is sleep. And I felt nusas when I ate… I know I am not dehydrated…

So to ecover and play catch up on stuff, like my room needs a good cleaning. I will be taking all this week or at least most off from writng.  Take care, and God bless you!

~Anjiu SutoMu

Yay! Work! No time!

Things have been going good I have been inspired but not a lot of time to write like I had hoped and planed for.¬† I like helping my family out but they keep calling me away when I have the writing bug.¬† I need to just tell my family to give me a break so I can write.. But I can’t seem to say no to them.

Good news is, I have gotten some work done. Not as much as I need to do. I may have to just disappear for a few hours some time and just write. If only I could find a place.  Bad news to you.  I pass word protected those two chapter / entries. But  for 2 good reasons.

1. I didn’t like the chapter ending to “A Crimson Star” I will fix it soon.

2. I think the other one “A Knight All Along” could be extended. And since they are both first chapters. You should have a good impact / impression on them.. Tomorrow I will try and edit both of those and post more of my work..

Then, some feed back would be great!  Thanks.

~Amy Jane

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