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Here I go again!

First off let me say sorry for not being on Facebook or any social media much in months. I just really needed some me time off line, and off the computer. I will be working on that tho.

Guess what? 🛩I am off on another adventure! I didn’t think I’d be traveling again. Especially so soon… 🚗 Wow! 🙉

I was asked to join my sister this time on her work trips. I will be away for about a month. I feel really blessed to be able to travel so much. I get to visit some of you and some new places as a bonus.🤝 Exciting right.! 🥳 I am overwhelmed and looking forward to it immensely. I left home yesterday and will be back sometimes mid November. I already miss my dog.

I also plan to take this opportunity to get some writing done. 🗒 I’ll have an abundance of inspiration 🤩 and some quality quiet time. I already spent six hours doing so today. It took a while but I finally got the equipment, I needed for my Mac. After losing my work due to update malfunctions, human error, and again for some unknown reasons… I’ve had a hard time getting into writting again. This time around I’m gonna be extremely overprotective of my work. 🔐 I am very determined to finish theses books! I think they will be better then before, because of the passion I have. I am putting all my heart into theses books. When they are done I hope you will enjoy.

Life is to short to let opportunities slip by. I wish I had done a lot of things differently. I did some really great things in my past so it’s not all discouraging… But I shouldn’t dwell on the past.🤭 I am who I am because of that past. I am pretty awesome too!😋 Thus, I am gonna be brave and not let fear hold me back from making the most of life. I will have courage and not hold back. I will trust God and make the most of what I have while working towards my dreams and goals. Remember- people are precious to me, especially those who I am close to. Just because I’m working on me doesn’t mean I’ll stop caring about you! 💕

👱‍♀️I feel I leaned a lot and grew in may ways on my last trip. I look forward to seeing the results and enjoying this one as well. I better get to sleep now.

Take care and be safe! God bless you today and always!

╰ღ╮ Amy Jane Sandberg╰ღ╮

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Hello Friends,

I’m home for a bit. I’ve been traveling a lot. Don’t get me wrong I love traveling but it is also nice to take a break. Yet it feels a little odd. Sometimes I wonder if this was the life I was meant for? Still tho it is nice to have a place to call home and rest. We all need to rest at times right?


I really love October. It is my favored moth of the year and not because of Haloween. I always just felt more alive and fresh every October in Florida. My parents were married on October 11th and my Favored Bible verses is John 10:10. SO I always hoped one day maybe I could get married on October 10th.  I recently found out the Cherokee tribe considers October as the New Year moth, and not January. 

We are part Cherokee on my mom and dad’s side. My dentist was actually said the number of points I have on some of my teeth proved I was Cherokee. It is silly but knowing this really makes a lot of things in my life make sense better.  Since it is October I want to Say Happy new year to the  Cherokee people!


I don’t have much time until I am off on another trip. I will work on my books, continue to clean out the house more, and continue to make progress towards who I want to be … I don’t have much time but I will make the most of it. I hope.  Let us be honest it is a never-ending job!!! 

 Stay safe and God blesses you today and Always!! 

╰ღ╮ Amy Jane Sandberg╰ღ╮


A Quick Hello

Hello there friends,

How are you doing? I was invited to travel so of course, I said yes! I got the clear from my doctors, to go. I am off on an adventure to go see my Nanna in Utah and spend time with my aunts and mom. We are driving there and back. I really like road trips. I like seeing the scenery and all the small towns. I really needed a vacation with the crazy past few years and the scare I had in July. Here is a selfie I took. Don’t worry, I am not driving, so I can post this.

We made a lot of Starbucks and other coffee stops. We visited two in every state we went through. Who doesn’t like coffee? Hmm? Hehe. I know not everyone does. I am an avid coffee drinker tho. Truthfully, I haven’t been to a Starbucks in little over a year until now. I tend to make my own coffee drinks fancy or not, at home. My go to drink is an iced Peppermint White Mocha. My mom decided to get the Pumpkin Spice Nitro. She dosen’t care for Starbucks usually. However, she found a drink she really liked. To bad it is only seasonal. Mmmm~

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I saw the snake river and this real-life stagecoach. I read a lot of historical fiction and fact books. I have always wondered what one looked like in person. Now I know! It was huge! If you get a chance to see one in real life you should!


I’m home now for a bit. I didn’t get to post this till now. My phone is being bad. I went to the doctor yesterday, everything looks good. Blood levels are where they should be. I am relieved! Honestly, I was a bit nervous. I’ve had more than enough doctor visits in my opinion. The next follow up is in a month for the usual Inr check. Till then, I will work on my books, continue to clean out my house and prepare for my next trip… I don’t know when that will be but its good to be ready right? Hugs!

╰ღ╮ Amy Jane Sandberg╰ღ╮

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