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Don’t let fear keep you from Life.

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share this with you. It has been on my heart for a while. I just haven’t taken the time to write it yet. It is an important topic for discussion…. I realize somewhere I got lost living in fear. I am not happy living there. It is not my normal residency either. I have no idea how long I have been here. A year? Maybe two?

Usually, I don’t live with fear. I live with the hope of the idea of: someday, somehow… I live by doing my best and having faith for the rest of it… Because one never knows what tomorrow holds. There are three ways to fail.

If we complain about what we don’t have, if we blame others for our own lack we won’t get anywhere. We can’t live with resentment, anger, or ungratefulness. Those are tools that hold you back. They let fear work its way into your life if its not already there. You also can’t try to live up to others’ expectations. It is impossible to be who they want and yourself. Just be yourself.

FEAR is a powerful weapon and enemy that strikes you at every chance. Fear of failure, missing out, not being noticed, not being good enough, fear of being forced, ect… You have to believe in yourself and know that you have a unique creative presence and purpose. One that only you have…

Life is short, you do not know what tomorrow holds. What will change, what may happen or not happen… There are so many possibilities and chances… You need to overcome the fear and put forth the effort. Work towards your desires, dreams, goals.

Don’t put off what you wanna do or where you wanna go, because you think you may fail, you have failed. With the thought, it may not work out… If you don’t try… If you don’t put yourself out there nothing will ever change! Simple as that! If you don’t put in the effort and let go of or overcome the fear you will never get your reach your dreams, desires, or goals…

I say this out of true love and from personal experience… Life Hard!!!!! I have put off some things I really wanted and then it was to beforehand have regrets… I don’t ever want to do that again… I don’t want to live with regrets or see anyone miss out on their dreams for lack of trying.

You have to do it for yourself! You deserve happiness… You are special, amazing, and loved!! Don’t be afraid. Fear keeps us from joy! From reaching potentials we may not even know is possible.

We may never be fully satisfied with our lives, but we can do our best and make the best out of what we have!!!

ūüíē   I really appreciate you all. Your encouragement means a lot! 

I hope you find your passion if you haven’t and stay safe!¬†¬†

God bless you today and always!

ŠÉ¶‚ēģ‚̧‚ē≠ŠÉ¶‚ēĮ Amy Jane Sandberg ‚ēįŠÉ¶‚ēģ‚̧‚ē≠ŠÉ¶‚ēĮ

I am here…

I have been on the go the past few months. I now have time to write. I think I’ll be getting a lot done too. Even with the crazy holiday season halfway over… I’ve already done much of the heavy work.¬†I’ve been helping dad fix the driveway. The tree roots are raising the driveway up, and since they want to keep the trees we’ve been redoing certain areas and leveling the driveway out. First by removing the old driveway, using a aircompresser chizzle, then digging under the roots so they go down. then proceeding with re-taring the area. My main job is to dig up and shovel the old driveway ect, and replace the gravel with him…. Then together blowing out the craks and caulking the them up all along driveway to the road. Dad even did sone of the road as well… I’m always learning new things when I help dad. It’s not perfect, but it works! We got so much done, just before it snowed. We started before I left and finished after I came back.

Also while I was gone dad started redoing the back bathroom. He removed the old linoleum flooring and flooring and removeing the old toilet. I came back just in time to help him add the new stuff. Tho really he didn’t need my help. Dad is doing so much better then he was. I am truly impressed with his recovery. God is so good! We make a good team. We don’t always get along but we both work hard. We got it done just before company came!

Now I’m just gonna write while I relax in my pajamas. Just because I can! ūüėÜ Yay- a writer’s life! I will get back to my youtube vblogs, my blog, and do some Facebook group this week I hope! I have a few more important tasks  first‚Ķ

I will do my best to keep everyone updated so stay tuned! Don’t give up on your dreams or goals, any progress is still progress. So follow your dreams because you matter. Make sure you take time to breath and enjoy life too. My goal in life is tovspread joy and stop hate. I choose to be happy ūüėä even when I don’t feel like it. Remember God supplies and miracles happen!I chose that book ūüďĖ title for a reason!

Stay safe and God blesses you today and Always!!

‚ēįŠÉ¶‚ēģ Amy Jane Sandberg‚ēįŠÉ¶‚ēģ

My Dad’s Heath….

Hello All,

“My Dad”

My dad is one of my biggest heroes. He would go to all my doctor heart appointments and act silly to keep the mood light. I have always tried to be a good daughter. [I’m not perfect tho. ūü§£]

When I was a child and he worked swing shift, I would always make excuses to stay up and wait for him to come home. That became easier as I got older. Sometimes when he got home we woul all as a family go swimming under the stars. He has always strived to keep the family close and to be a good dad ūüĎ® ‚̧

He is a kind man who works hard. He is always learning new things and creating new things, and inventing new ways to fix things. He is almost always willing to help others whenever he can. He never says a bad word about anyone. Whenever he got sick he would hide it if possible. He hardly ever showed weakness.

“A squirrel on the Wolf dad carved with a chainsaw”

In 1992 just before hurricane Andrew he had a heart attack. That was the first time we saw him really ill. I remember sitting outside the hospital door in Orlando while Hurricane Andrew passed over the state. Trying to entertain my sisters and not worry about my dad while mom was with him. That was a difficult task for sure. He refused to let us girls see him which was painful for us. Thankfully he survived and recovered.

“Dad and Rinley”

It wasn’t until December 2015 where he had a second heart attack and Flatlined. Thank God the doctor didn’t give up on Dad and he came to after 11 electro shocks. After that he had a triple bypass, a stent, and a defibulator put in throughout three surgeries, within the same week. He was subosoed to make a full recovery but he was still pretty weak. Because of a blood clot in his somach that caused issues getting blood to his leggs on top of a bad hip. That didn’t stop him from being as active as possible.

“Mom and Dad”

Then in 2018 he developed strep / cellulitis in his foot which turned into a some sort of vasular ulser. It took most the skin off the top of his foot almost causeing him to lose his foot. I won’t share the pictures I have here but possibly in a book in tbe futer. It was pretty gross at some points.

He became bedridden, all the doctors said there was nothing they could do that he should just prepare for the end. We had nurses and physical therapy coming several times a month. It really tested our faith. Dad had blood poisoning three maybe four times. He was on several antibiotics non stop. We didn’t give up tho, we kept praying!

“Jini and Dad.”

After months of his foot getting worse we finally went to see a second doctor who wanted to do a bypass surgery in his legs even though everyone insisted it would be a lost cause. They they proceeded to do the bypass surgery in his legs, they were pretty sure they would still have to amputate his foot later tho. But we kept praying and standing on the word of God. When reading the Bible out loud to him we came across a verese that we know God gave us for the trials we’ve been facing….

We claimed that over him and stood in faith. They kept insisting that his foot had to be taken, and maybe more. The day before the sugery, which we didn’t realize was scheduled they heard blood flow. So we asked them to push the sugery back and they agreed to push it back three days to see if there would be enough blood flow to save his foot. After the second day they canceled his sugery and he started a treatment that they use for burn victims. Called mist therapy.

“Jabber and another chainsaw carving of dad’s.”

After a month of treatment his foot was well to come home. I took him to a burn dr three timesca week untill he was well enough for a skin graft. When they did his first graph they also had to remove a some of the bone in his foot and big toe due to it being infected. But nothing to major. His first graph was promising tho not perfect but he needed a second one from his own skin from his thigh. Tho painful for sure he made a full recovery after almost a year of stress, fear, anger and pain!

Don’t Give up hope for a miracle. It may take a while, and may not come about the way we wsnt. But God is a Good! He is a loving father who gave us his son Jesus.

Don’t Give up hope and be strong. We may not understand the path we are traveling but it will be a path that will make a difference. ūüėÄ God brings good out of all bad situations. I truly believe that and I fully trust God.

My dad never gave up, and he’s better, znd more active now tgen after his bypass surgery in 2015. He is one of my biggest heroes and I strive to be more like him.

“I Love my Dad”

God bless you today and always!

ūüíē Amy Jane Sandberg

Twister Alert!

 Hello My  Loyal Friends and Family, 
Lately¬†Life has been ¬†for me like a Twister ¬†and I don’t mean the game. I mean the big scary Tornado kind. ¬†Fasten your seat belts, ¬†your about to enter the vortex of Life!
Some Good, Some Bad. I don’t know where to start…
It ¬†guess ¬†it all started when I moved up north! ¬†I had to lean to live out of a suit case, I had to lean not to plan ¬†so much. That was hard, I greatly enjoy¬†planing¬†things, ¬†I lost a love and gained a stronger better love then I could have hoped for! I had a small stroke. ¬†Fiances¬†have been tight but I have been lucky ¬†enough to be blessed enough to still do things I enjoy, like get an Ice¬†Tot-ti¬† and a slice of¬†quiche¬† on the weekend at the local cafe.¬†I’ve¬†had several¬†emotional¬†break downs, while working on my book ¬†and at other times, which I highly regret. ¬†Among other struggles, life has been mostly good. God is always Good! ¬†¬†
Last month I went to Florida, ¬†My dad and I ¬†drove ¬†for five days across the USA, ¬†to see my sister, her son, her boyfriend, and other people we care about. It was a great trip, though I missed ¬†a few planned ¬†events with some people due to¬†schedule¬†differences. I was so happy to see my family, I miss them so much, though I don’t think I showed it well.. ¬†My nephew is getting so big so fast! My sister has some room mates with her right now and they have a son who needs a lot of attention, and is cute as a button. I wish I could have adoped him. He needs a good foundtion of rules and love. I would have loved to be the one who gave it to him, since his parents are lacking in that area. However they do seem to care about his well being. Where they lack ¬†my sister has taken over and is doing a great job caring for him when they don’t. ¬† I am so proud of her. She is a great Mother!
I also ¬†got to go to an awesome drive through zoo with lots of ¬†unique animals that one can not see at most ¬†zoo’s. ¬†We had a white¬†rhino¬† stalk us and at one point we worried he would ram our truck! ¬†EEKK! ¬†Thankfully he decided to ¬†go by with out a scratch. ¬†We fed¬†giraffes, man were they cool!!! ¬†I wanted to take Cupid home, he was such a lover!! ¬†
I got to ¬†finish the Disney Zorro series with a beloved friend! I love that Zorro!! ¬†(hums the them song, he marks them with a Z! ) ¬†He had some awesome outfits, moves, I really loved most the characters, ¬†especially¬†Zorro,¬†Bernard, Sargent Garcia, ¬†and His loyal friend.. ¬† I ¬†didn’t care to much about the sudden ending, I had hoped he would have settled down with a woman……. I guess he Knows that he is mine ¬†;p (Just Kidding) I will look into it latter¬†especially¬†the books.. Besides The Xmen,¬†Spider-Man, and Superman!, He is one of my favored hero’s!
I also ¬†went to¬†Florida¬†to get my first Dog. The family has had dog’s before but this one is all Mine. A ¬†female, ¬†A Pure, ¬†Blue¬†Harlequin¬†Great Dane, with one blue eye and one gold eye. My parents own her half brother, that part was not planed. ¬†I fell in love with her before we knew the blood line. She is a hand full. She is ¬†headstrong, very very smart, sneaky, a climber, and has a¬†attitude, but she is also sweet, ¬†playful, loving, and great with children, and other pets.. She is a real gift from God. She has a real way with people too.. It is hard to stay ¬†sad with her around, I call her my little healer! I ¬†don’t know how I made it with out her. She is growing so fast too! ¬†Lily Belle is about 15 weeks now, about 40lbs, and is up to my knees already.. ¬†I’m 5 feet and 1 inches tall by the way… ¬†Thankfully she is now mostly house trained, at least at my house! ¬†;p ¬†Did you know puppy poop ¬†smells much worse then a ¬†baby’s dirty dipper… EWW!!
It took us 7 full days to ¬†drive back to Washington!! Sheesh!!!! ¬† We had to avoid snow storms, my ¬†Nitro ¬†does not have snow tiers, and is not a 4X4. On the way back home we saw my other brother and his girlfriend, ¬†one of my dearest friends ¬†with her family including my god¬†children. I was so happy to see them! I wish they lived closer! I will make an effort to not wait so many years next time!! ¬†I got to taste the great salt lake flats, and man was that good salt! It reminds me we are the salt of the earth… Says the Bible.. we saw a huge tree farm that went on for about 15 miles and probably¬†covered¬†over 1000 acres¬†from baby to adult trees! It was a unique site to behold!
We stopped at my grandma Nanna and Baca’s house for one night and got to¬†experience¬†my first snow of the season there in my birth town. It was amazing! I am so thankful for that!!! ¬†We also stopped at a¬†Cherokee¬†town, and I got to learn more about my heritage. ¬†Along the way we went through: ¬†a few ¬†small snow storm’s, a sand storm, salt smog, ¬†city smog, saw a¬†coyote¬† run¬†across¬†our path, saw ¬†lots of: Antelope,¬†Buffalo, Deer, and ¬†lots and lots of cows… Not¬†including¬†the road kill of: frets, ¬†beavers, skunks, badgers,¬†coyotes, foxes, Porcupines,¬†Muskrats,¬†nutrias,¬†bob cat, a lot of some kind of animal that was a ball of fur kind of like a big hamster not sure what it was, and much more…. It really¬†saddened¬†me to see so many ¬†dead and that I saw a wider verity of dead animals then I did live ones!! ¬†¬†here is a site of ¬†some of what I saw, it is not for the queasy ¬†to look at… ¬† ¬† ¬†
Next time I think I wanna take a train! 
When we finally got home, we had to a lot to do¬†especially¬†me, I had to¬†finish¬†settng up ¬†the guest room / office, and other things around the house before the holiday visits began…. ¬†I was all excited and¬†motivated¬†to work on on my books, when I got done with thr chores a few days latter only to find out my free word ¬†trial ¬†had worn out. Boo..¬†
Two weeks latter, For thanksgiving my other sister  with her husband, and other brother with his girlfriend with his children our other nice and nephew. (Yes I have 4 siblings,  there are five of us all together.)Came with five dogs all together and nine people it was a mad house..   Yet it went much better then any of us had hoped. It was very hectic, but the time together seemed to flow nicely by.
Now every one is gone and I am left alone once more at my house, with a sink full of dirty dishes, a¬†bunch¬†of torn peppers around the house, and Christmas around the¬†coroner… ¬†My head and body feels like a whirl wind of emotions, pains, aches, thoughts, and it is all making me dizzy… ¬† I can’t¬†believe¬†how much has¬†happened¬†this year, with the move, getting a story published, my new house, ect.. It feels like it¬†happened¬†so fast and at the same time this year feels like it has been several years in the making.. It has been one struggle and blessing after another!!
By the way my sister got me office professinal from work, but now she can’t find th code. I pray she finds it soon I’m itching to write!!! ¬†;p ¬†
I love you, Be safe, God Bless you all!
~Amy Jane
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