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Printed! Edit please..

So yesterday I got a lot done I did a quick edit on some of my book, and got the 62pages I have done so far printed for proof reading and editing.. My mom’s friend took my first chapter!! And so the process has begun..  I edited the hard copy of the 62 pages and am not going to work on imputing the changes to my book on my laptop.

Still Desktop is giving me trouble and it looks like there is no hope to fixing it unless some one can get in and change the password…  Nothing can be done till that is fixed.. I will keep trying though.. Please keep it in your prayers! Thank you!

Ok back to work..  Will talk more latter…


OH MY WORD!! Seriously!!!

I finally got an antivirus program and I was looking up research for something I am working on and I caught a worm. Not only did it cause mass havoc on my main pc but now it says I need a password to log in. Moreover none of my passwords are working. My mom thinks it was some one trying to hack me and thus my desk top is now off line and powered off completely till I can take it into some one. I am so glad nothing personal or important is actually kept on any of my computers.. Thank God for me knowing better with that. So if I loose anything it is nothing important.. And there is really nothing to loose other then my 500 pictures I had just uploaded off my camera… >.<;;  

(for those of you who do now know anime or common online  faces these days. that is a closed eyed, oh my gosh, what will I do, bad me, all around EEKK!!! face. )

Also I am planing a bridal shower and a bachorlet party for a dear friend one mine. It is quite exciting. I never thought just how much work goes into a party, even though I love throwing them..

Book news:

I am working on my main book, about my life miracles every other day, so all fictions are on the side I found an editor. Some one my mother works with. I am so worried I am doing a horrid job. (If I could spell better I would use bigger words, I am to lazy to look them up tonight.) I have been struggling to be honest on the layout and flow of the book. However I am still writing. I just pray I can express what I have to say and find what  needs to be said easily and smothly. The devil is sure attacking me. He doen’t want to see this book finished. My pc torubles over and over again, health, work, ect, are proof of that…. PLEASE PRAY I keep getting the time and determination to finish this by the end of the year. Thank you!!

Good night and God Bless you!

Tomato Soup…

I would sure love a bowl of that right now.. Mmmm Tomato soup, or Tomato with rice soup, Cream of Mushroom, and Clam Chowder are the soups I like most.  However Cheese and Broccoli soup, Potato Soup, and French Onion are good too.

Anyways.. Before I have to go to the store…

I went to work on one of my books 2 days ago and could not find word 2007 anywhere I panicked.. I did a search and every thing.. It would not let  me open any of my books!  So I took a deep breath and stayed off the computer for the rest of the day. The next morning I tried again, with no luck…  Out of frustration I shut off the power and walked away… A few hours latter I tried again and there it was! That was so weird… The same thing happened to my moms computers… I think it was a bug..

I have been sick the past few days, I can’t seem to find the right copy of my book. (bad me for saving it 4 times in 4 diff places) It is probably on my desk top and not my laptop anymore. I will have to look in the morning..

It has been a long week and I am going out of town this weekend… I really need the get away… I want some peace and quiet… It is funny for the past two weeks I have done nothing but wanted to sleep and my body is fighting that but it has been great for writing though.

~Amy Jane

One thing after another…

I am so sorry I broke my word.. Life keeps throwing things at me. The Devil is cruel.. However not all the recent events have been bad.

The Good:

* My Nephew is now 8 moths!

* More Family Time.

*It has been freezing so = More outdoor Activities

*I needed a break from the computer

The Bad:

* We lost a dear Cat after 14 years.

* My Cozen lost his newborn to heaven

*Word 2007 needed an compatiblity Pact

*Net was down for a bit


Moving on,   I got the site up for my comic.

I downloaded and installed the Word 2007 comparability pack. I started 3 more blogs >.<;; All for good reason and personal reasons I may explain latter.  And I will link at a better time..  I am going out of town next weekend for a Dr. Visit. My cardiologist is wonderful, but is is a trip to see her. ❤ It will give me a much needed break and some thinking time. Plus work time for my books.  I will work on keeping my word and post stuff in two weeks.. I am truly sorry for the delay but thats life..

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