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My Letter -To My Bed!

(This is a short letter I wrote to make people smile in a forum online where people were write letters to say what they had to, to people who won’t be reading them. It is a great idea. And there are some like mine mixed in. Anyways it made so many smile I decided to share it here. It is a small example of my work and creative mind..)


My Dearest Bed,

Your attempts to lure me to your cozy comforter, and soft pillows is at its end. Night after night I fight with you and eventually loose. Well tonight I am just going to call it quits.. I can’t avoid the dreams we share, any more then I can avoid the lust I have for you. You are after all my best friend. Though the coverings have changed, we have spent many years together. I know you envy my old bed, but you two are very different, even though my past bed was larger, you have three parts to you. Where a sleep, a pull out bed for a  someone else, and some drawers. So not only are you comfy – cozy, you are also efficient. Thus we will be together a long time and you with my children one-day.

So we must make a deal. You have to start letting me go in the mornings. You must release me earlier then you have. Ten thirty am is just not acceptable any more. And I shall  promise to retire to your caring arms,  where we can share our dreams once more. I do love you, but if you refuse to comply, I will be forced to spend my nights with the couch.

~ Sincerely Yours,
Amy Jane

A Crimson Star: Intro

“A Crimson Star”


This book is pure imagination some characters are based / Inspired by people I am familiar with. The setting is the year sometime between 1997-2009. It is full of drama, romance, and comedy. Hopefully this is something that every one in some way can enjoy. If you decide to buy this book, borrow this book, or are reading it online please read it all the way through before you make judgment. And when you do make a judgment think about it and take it all into consideration please.

Thank You, for your interest in my work and please keep an eye out for my other works to one day hopefully come to print.

~Anjiu SutoMu~

This Book is based on my original idea and is a work in progress. Be warned you will see changes made now and then to already posted chapters.

My goal is to be a published writer and this only one of the several books I am working on!


I will involve the LAW if need be!!

“All I ever wanted was to be loved,

Was that to much to ask for?

But when I got the love I wanted,

I wish I had not found it.”

Dedicated to anyone who has ever had

a broken heart.

This book is made possible

With the aid and inspiration from:


My Family,

My Friends.

& observations of many


Thank you Very much, and God Bless You, All..!!

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