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Have a Servant’s heart

Dear Friends,

We Christians are called to have a Servant’s heart. A heart after people, a heart of Love. I am often reminded of how even Jesus washed feet of his  disciples. (Matthew 26:14-39; Luke 22:24-27; John 13:1-17) It takes a lot to set aside your self to serve others. And even Jesus Did it!   I am not saying go wash some ones feet. I am saying  we are called to serve others, And God will bless you more it.  When you serve, you are taking time to show others how important and special they are. That’s Love. I was once asked “Even in serving aren’t you being selfish still? Because you’re doing it expecting something.”  Yes I’m expecting God to work through me to bless you. Or whomever I’m led to serve…   I write and pour out my heart you you all. Because I truly care about you. (Does that make me selfish. Maybe… But if so I think in a good way.) That love  I have only grew as I gave my life to God’s will. Your pastor is a Servant. It takes a strong person to serve. Because it’s not a easy job. a servant gives up a lot, such as: free will, pride, wants, control, even some freedom.  You don’t have to do all that, maybe God has not called you to be a servant. But we all serve from time to time. next time you do ask yourself.  Is my heart in the right place as I do this. Below are some more Bible verses on having a servant’s heart…
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