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I am Home again.

Howdy Folks,

How are you doing?  I am home again. I have been home for a little bit. As soon as I got home I caught a bad cold that lasted almost three weeks on and off. I am all better now. I have been trying to get adjusted to the time and schedule again. It has been pretty hard. But I have a plan. (Yes, another one) I am gonna start it tomorrow. I wrote up a schedule and I am gonna work hard on following it. I pray with this I will use my time more efficiently.

On my trip I printed my books “The Princess And the Mirror” and my Short Story “A Knight All Along” I got a lot done with both. I have not had the time to type up the edits yet. However I am still working on them. “A Knight All Along” Is turning out to be as long as a book. I may make it one latter. I am pushing it back a bit on my list of things to do.

Since I have my other 3 Books “Miracles Still Happen Today”, “A Crimson Star”, and  “The Princess and The Mirror” that need to be finished first.. It is a good project. When I get stuck it keeps me going but it is not a main project as of yet.

Anyways, I am still working on my books. I am going to work harder. I will give up some things to get them done if need be. I am trying really hard not to get distracted with life.. I am not Dating on purpose though I did want to. I decided when the time is right things will fall into place. God’s timing is best.. If you have any questions for me you can ask here anonymously or not. I would be glad to try and answer them for you.

Make sure if you have faith in God to go here too.

God Bless you, Good night!

~Amy Jane

More Delays..

Hello my Dear friends,

Well I am fully recovered now! And  I got a lot of writing done yesterday. Woot!!

But our home is a mess. We have no water we have a pipe leak under our floor, which means out floor needs to be torn up. 😦  Now due to a ton of rain our system is backed up too and we had to shut our water off completely. Lucky for me, there are places like “Jiffy” to use their facilities and get some coffee.. ❤

So as for work, I have been struggling with the layout of my main book project right now. “Miracles Still Happen Today” I want it to grab attention and pull you in. Yet I want to make sure there is a good foundation. Arg… So while I had it on my brain I took the time to write down all the main Miracles in my life. There are a total of six. While I was at that I also took the time to look up bible verses on unfailing love. What an uplifting task……. All in all that took about three hours… >.<;; Why  does it take so long to write?   But I am glad I did I now have a summery for myself. And from that I came up with a better outline. So I  have a better attack plan!

Here are a few of  the verses I found.

Bless the LORD, O my soul. O LORD my God, thou art very great; thou art clothed with honour and majesty. ~Psalms 104:1

But I trust in your unfailing love.I will rejoice because you have rescued me. ~Psalms 13:5

I cried out, “I am slipping!”but your unfailing love, O Lord, supported me. ~Psalms 94:18

I will be glad and rejoice in your unfailing love,for you have seen my troubles,and you care about the anguish of my soul. ~Psalms 31:7

For he loves us with unfailing love;the Lord’s faithfulness endures forever. Praise the Lord! ~Psalms 117:2

Praise God, who did not ignore my prayeror withdraw his unfailing love from me. ~Psalms 66:20

Well I am off to watch my nephew now, take care and God bless you!

~Amy Jane

Secret Entreys

Hello My Readers and Friends,

I was thinking since this site turned out exactly as I wanted it before I lost my other word press blog. (Sad I lost some pics and files, but oh well) That I would continue my dream of posting my book work under a password so that those “few special people” who donate, proof read, or family” can read them. But the rules will be strictly in forced and I can at any time remove the chapters and books if they are violated. I will have the 1st chapter public though. As by rule most publishers allow that to give readers a taste.. But for a few of my books you will want to read at least 2 chapters or you won’t get the book’s plot. Because some of my books will have two sides of the story.


*You are not allowed to share the pass word with anyone, not even family with out my permission!

*You must give me feed back, not slams, questions are good too!

*You must not copy, paste, save,  or email them to any one!

With that said some time next week I will start adding chapters form all my current books. Please remember they are raw, and will be that way till I find a publisher and officially get assigned an editor. I have full right to change the books and chapters,  as I please, and you will probably see little or big adjustments until each book is finished.  I will have all my book chapters here unlike on Fiction Press, where I can only publicly post 3 chapters or I could not get officially published. Thank you and God bless!

I hope your as excited to read as I am to share..


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