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Talk about an adrenalin rush!! I  just cleaned out my office ( for the most part) in  under an hour!!!  Along with unpacking 3 boxes,   dishes,  sweeping,  and watching an hour show!!  I got more  done in this hour then I have had time to do in weeks!!!   Do you have  times like these too? It is so amazing how much you can done when you work like that.  Yet it happens; I moved so fast. I felt like the woman from “No Ordinary Family” with her super speed!! Seriously, WOW! If I had a before and after picture of that room you would be amazed.

It seemed like; Every time I started working on just that room, something would always come up…  Good thing,  my aunt and uncle surprised me and are coming in the morning!!  They will be the first relatives to see my house besides my baby sister, and my parents since I moved in…  I though I had more time like til the end of the month when my Nanna and Baca (grandma n’ grandpa) are coming; and soon after my boyfriend early October .  Good thing I started doing the other chores yesterday and this morning. My house has not been so clean since my sister visited. It is not hard to clean but I was pet sitting and and not putting things away, not folding, kind of adds up ;p

I am glad they are coming. I meant to sleep but didn’t wanna leave the main stuff  for morning.. Now I just have lil things to do…  shower, and clear off  dining room table, and hopefully finish folding the clean  cloths ( in 3 garbage bags…)  That is the chore I hate most!  folding, boo!  I don’t have a dryer, it is in the lease that the washer and dryer belong to the land lord. Even if I could get one I can’t afford one, so thankfully I can wash my stuff at my beloved parents house not to far from here.  God is so Good!

In the last 8 months I have really leaned to treasure the little things, the pleasure of a shower, a cozy bed to sleep in at night, a vehicle to get around,  doctors,  pots n’n pans, dishes, silverware, hot water, soap, loved ones, a helping hand, patience, joy, health, food, internet, a phone! Praise God I have them! After living out of a suitcase for 5 months travling back and forth from  family homes, it is so nice to have a place to be proud of, a place God has blessed me with to keep me safe, and where I can share my time with people who are important to me!!

I had this whole other blog I was gonna write, but it will have to wait till latter, sleep has finally come and now I am saying  good night! God bless you, and take time to remember and treasure the people and little thing in your life that are important.

~Amy  Jane

My Letter -To My Bed!

(This is a short letter I wrote to make people smile in a forum online where people were write letters to say what they had to, to people who won’t be reading them. It is a great idea. And there are some like mine mixed in. Anyways it made so many smile I decided to share it here. It is a small example of my work and creative mind..)


My Dearest Bed,

Your attempts to lure me to your cozy comforter, and soft pillows is at its end. Night after night I fight with you and eventually loose. Well tonight I am just going to call it quits.. I can’t avoid the dreams we share, any more then I can avoid the lust I have for you. You are after all my best friend. Though the coverings have changed, we have spent many years together. I know you envy my old bed, but you two are very different, even though my past bed was larger, you have three parts to you. Where a sleep, a pull out bed for a  someone else, and some drawers. So not only are you comfy – cozy, you are also efficient. Thus we will be together a long time and you with my children one-day.

So we must make a deal. You have to start letting me go in the mornings. You must release me earlier then you have. Ten thirty am is just not acceptable any more. And I shall  promise to retire to your caring arms,  where we can share our dreams once more. I do love you, but if you refuse to comply, I will be forced to spend my nights with the couch.

~ Sincerely Yours,
Amy Jane

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