Where do I start?

Where do I start?

My plans are not God’s plans.. Something I have learned a lot about, especially over the past six years.. However, GOD’s Plans are soooooo much better than mine!!! ❤ I can’t wait to see what he has for me next!!

I moved to Washington State, from Florida mid-January 2011. I looked forward to the adventure and change. But I’ve had this unsettled feeling. Inside, I knew I wasn’t to live with my parents, but I also knew I was not to be living with my sister Amanda.  I couldn’t understand why or how but I would be living elsewhere.. My unsettled feeling, though fun in the start, began to change to the feeling that I didn’t belong anywhere…

After a few months had gone by my parents got a new place in a very tiny town. When I went to visit them I got the feeling I would be living there soon. Just like when my little sister went to college in Gainesville, I knew I would be going also! But the question was how, and when…. I began to become very irritable, impatient, and bad things kept happening… One week in particular was horrid…  I got the flu, had a major allergic reaction and someone tried to break in, among other things, while I was alone in my sister’s house… As a result I had a major break down and cried my heart out to God…

I yelled at Him (Not the best Idea) Asked why my life was so hard, how and when would I see changes in it for the better? When would it be my turn to be happy???  Where do I belong, with who??? Ect….. After hours of crying and a nice warm shower, I had an amazing peace come over me…  I slept the best I had in months…

The next day a guy I had known for years re-confessed his cares to me, and when I opened my heart to him I felt whole… It was as if I had blinders on, like some use to direct horses, lifted away and I was able to see how amazing he really was, and how sincere he is. It has been a few months and I am still with him, and still very happy!!!

A few weeks later I visited my mother and we decided to ask around about an apartment in the town. This town is very small but the school is amazing so places to live is scarce. We walked into the general store and asked the shop keeper. Before he could reply his friend announced he had a house he wanted to rent out… And asked if we wanted to see it… Of course we said yes.. It is a cute two bedrooms, a large living room / dining room, a big kitchen, a decent sized bathroom with a cool antique tub, a good sized utility room, a sweet upstairs loft and a decent sized front yard / fenced in back yard… He also told me he would allow my three cats which is the amazing part. (Not many people up here like pets though they seem to support rescues)

After a thorough inspection and prayer we told him I was definitely interested… We waited a week because he had offered it to another young couple with a child first, but they said no.. So it will be MY FIRST HOME!!!!   And the story gets better…. He offered me a job to watch and feed his mother when he is away… The job I had years ago as a C.N.A. before I went to collage…

My new Landlord is cleaning up the house, repainting (he happened to have my favored colors), put new flooring in, along with redoing the bath room, put in a new heater, adding some air condoning window units. He is leaving me a fridge, stove / oven, the washer, the dryer… What a blessing!! My family has been blessing me with other needs that I could not afford… I will be moving in sometime towards the end of the month!!!

Isn’t God Amazing!!! He took my mess, my chaos, and turned it completely around because I was willing to let Him be in control, because I trusted Him, because He loves me… He did this all for me!!! I am soooooo thankful; the emotions are beyond words… Ever since I turned thirty things have been getting better and better!!!


*I’m Publishing a Story & Poem

*I got a new Home

*I got a new Job

*I have an Amazing Man in my life

*My needs being filled

*I get to keep my cats

*And I think I found an artist for my comic

Remember, sometimes it takes time to get what your praying for, just because it does not happen when you want it too does not mean it will not happen… God has a master plan! As long as you trust Him and let Him be in control everything will work out..!!!

 The Devil comes only to steal from you, to kill you, and to destroy you! But I (God) comes to bring you LIFE (everything good + eternal life) and to bring it ABUNDENTLY!!! ~~John 10:10~~


~*Amy Jane

About Amy Jane Sandberg

~God Bless You!~

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