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To Scrivener or Not to Scrivener?

Hello Dear friends,

I ask you a question…. To Scrivener or Not to Scrivener?


It’s a writing program I had a long time ago but it has changed since then. I think it could be a great asset, better than most out there… Hmm. I just downloaded this file for the trial, thought you may like it too . Watch the video then decide, it’s 40$ to buy but it may be very handy for you. At the end of this video he says there is a 20% off coupon but I haven’t gotten that far yet, I’m half way done. I am following text description and watching the video. I had the old version on my old computer and forgot what it was called till last week when I was talking to a friend and fellow Novelist. I have done a bit of research on it and its a little like “Ywrite5” which is free but much more… Just watch the video and decide if this is for you. It is pricey but I feel it is well with it my dear writer friends… I had a house full of people but I will be testing it out this week and will be able to fully to decide… I am wondering what you use if you write… I think this will come in handy with my fictions. Especially with organizations… I get stuck often because I keep everything in one folder for each story and some times that can be overwhelming and I get tired of going back and forth. So I want a handy tool where I can keep my mess and make it neat. I may not have the most organized house but when it comes to writing and my projects I am very organized and picky. I have to say the video and images made me expected something a little more high-tech then what I downloaded. Possibly the trial is 1.o but the the video is 2.0…. I have to look deeper into that when I am more awake….
Here are some links:
*35 min overview:
*1 hour and 30 Min:
You can get the free trial and buy it here:

After doing some research I found out why my Scrivener looks different in the videos. I knew it was a mac, and I had my guess they were using 2.0 and I had 1.0 well… I was right…. There is definitely a 20.0 But only for mac users….. So I will be waiting to buy… That’s to much money to put out twice… I’m disappointed…. Oh well….


‪God bless you today and always!

╭ღ╯ Amy Jane ╰ღ╮

A Blessing in Disguise.


Oh Hello there,

It is that time again right… The  time to update you on all that is happening…  I can’t believe how fast time flies…

*First off: After along debate with myself and some other people. I looked into globally publishing my faith  short story “God Supplies and Miracles still Happen”. God’s  timing is always perfect. Before when I had looked into publishing on Amazon and Barns and Noble it would have cost me $200.00 each. But when I looked into it again recently I saw it  has now become free…. Seriously??? Woot!!!

So I  started proof reading my  book that was out for sale and re-formatting it for the global copy and I caught some big errors… Some how I had published the wrong copy of my book… How embarrassing…  I sure hope no one bought any of those bad copies… The story is still good. However some key things had errors. Such as:  my parents rode a train to San Francisco not a plane… Since I had some how deleted the better copy I had to start editing all over again…  This turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I increased the book by almost 10 pages… And I rearranged some things, so it flows much better. I sent the  final copy to  someone I trust to edit it further.. When I get it back I’ll re check it, make the appropriate changes and  re-publish  it on

Since the books I have up are glitched. I removed the links to them  for now. Once I get it back I will  re format those books and put in the new content… I have to do it for  both books.  You will be able to order copies of these exclusively  from LuLu when I put them back up… And Now  I’ll have a third copy… It will be saddle stitched.  I have to order  a copy to see how it turns out, which can take up tow weeks, and once I give the go ahead they will send it to their approval team to make sure everything is good and it is presentable to be mass produced.  That  can take up six to eight weeks. EEk! Once it is approved, which I know it will be, The book will be available  for sale and  at more then the two places.  I am so excited and Scared!!!! I never dreamed this would be so realistic and my dream is finally coming to it’s beginning… I know some of you have been waiting literally years…

*Second: Now that I have that taken care of I am back to working on the other three books. I am honestly  re- Thinking Amy Jane’s Mini Assortments… I still wanna  do it, however. I am not sure to what scale and what  exactly do I want the contents to contain now. I just don’t seem like the grand example of my work as I first thought it to be.. So while I barley work on that I am currently  working on finishing “Deeply Rooted In Him”  The next book I hope to publish and by the end of the year too….  And of course I’m working on my main. “Miracles still Happen Today”.  Both are coming along very nicely. I am debating changing  the name, of ” Miracles Still Happen Today”.  I’ll cross that road once it is done..

*Third: I found 3 of my fictions… Two of the three are mostly up  to date, which I am pleased to have printed notes on… And one that is really out of date. I don’t think I will dare even touching that one till much latter.. But now when I get burned out and fried from working on my personal and faith stories I now have another set of outlets  to work on and relive my stress.  I am so happy about that.. But  Don’t get your hopes up.. They are far from being done and I still have some plot kinks to figure out Before get get to deep into the story.

*Lastly: Thank you so much for reading and caring about my work. It means so much to me and encourages me, even-tho I revive so little comments. I am so pleased my ambition and passion matters to you even if it is the tiniest bit…  ~HUGS~

  ~Amy Jane Sandberg

Updates Finally!

Hello dear readers,

I finally got around to editing the links and my work page! Whew… It’s a pain to do, I’m not entirely happy with it. But my coding skills are limited… @.@ Anyways I added  a few books I am working on. Normally I would do a full detailed progress report with lots of fun little  details. But I am taking care of my nephew this week, he is currently  occupying his self with the movie Frozen… His favorite character is Olaf of course…  One of Mine too. 😛   Great Movie you should see it….


 So I have to keep this short.. 

Some of my books are on hold, oddly enough all my fictions.. Due to a past virus I had my  updated versions were  deleted from my laptop. However I was smart and backed them up on my External Hard drive…  The bad news is, since the move I can not find the power cord to it…  I had kept them together but somehow the  cord has vanished…  I however was smart enough to back up my faith based books in 2 other places. So I am currently working on  those when Time permits..  Those being:  “Miracles Still Happen Today”, “Deeply Rooted In Him”,  and “Amy Jane’s Mini Assortments”.  The latter being a book I  was able to compile really quickly…    I was not gonna announce it, I was gonna leave it as a surprise. But since They are all coming along so nicely I couldn’t help but share my Joy.  Although I seem to be busier then usual, and i have a small desk…  I am  doing a lot better with staying focused and writing more often then I used to.

I long so much to finish them as soon as possible, and I get so stressed when I want to write and can’t. However Life is precious and people are too. So  I tend to choose  experiences and people over time alone writing if presented the option.  God’s timing is perfect  so I try not to get mad at myself  for not being done yet. I want them to be perfect… Well as perfect as I can be and I am looking for publishers on two of the three books too… Tho I will probably self publish also…. I want to follow God’s will.. I am really pleased with how “God Supplies and Miracles  Happen” Turned out!   You need adobe reader for the e-book.. I’m debating paying the money to get it on Amazon, Nook and ibooks….  What do you think? Should I? And  I adore how the print book turned out… You should totally check that out.

Well that is it for  now…

Lots of Love, God Bless you today and always!

~Amy Jane~

I’m back to work!


I’m back home and off to work.


My sisters wedding was beautiful. I was very happy to have spent time with all the family. It was a  small but wonderful wedding,  one of the best I have been to! Plus it was a mini  family reunion! She is so blessed so many people wanted to be there for her joyous day.  The only thing missing were my  brothers and aunt Christine. I still fel sad that Shane is now in heaven. But I know he is in a better place and I will see him again one day. I just hope he  was able to look down and see her day.. Funny, I always though that line was a little cheesy,  never thought it was possible. I mean I know they are always wit us.. Bit to say that myself… I feel the dept  of those words…  Pardon me while I go cry…

My Sister Amelia and I have come a long way in our relationship.  I  realized we both were a bit envious of each-other.. Silly how envy  can tear people apart.  I am so happy for her, beyond words. I think both my sisters are blessed with wonderful husbands!   Now it’s my turn..   (I know, when the time I right I will have mine. I am not in a hurry!)  My nephew was a doll!! I adore him… I miss him tons. I can’t wait till  I see them next time!

I’m sorry I meant to keep this short.  Last thing….

My files are a mess on the computer and in hard copies, andmy net is limited…. Thank God I have my computer back tho. I can’t wait to finish some of these books… I am so grateful that have the time and help when I need it. I  have a bad habit of jumping in headfirst and catching up latter…  Now her  I am back to work and regretting my quick filing system.  I have a lot of organizing, updating,  formatting  rearranging and lots of writing to do. Where is that personal assistant I’ve been meaning to   find… lol… I would love to have an office  to go to: with a huge desk,  multiple display monitors, several computers, and a staff to help me.   Maybe one day?  Till then I have a apt, with a small office, 2 filing cabinets full of research and hard copies print0uts of my work, a Great Dane who is leaning when to settle down while I work… Mom said shes never met a Great Dane so hyper…  God knew what I needed tho,  I would be so bored and lonely with out her. I have  a demanding but wonderful neighbors.  I love the new place now, tho I have only been actually home here 1 moth, its like living in a  yearlong vacation spot out of a book I’d read…  So many wonderful  wildlife, and I’m up high, so I have great views all around me… Thank you so much for sticking with me and continuing to support me with encouragement and pushing me to work… I have so many  books in progress, I’ve narrowed it down to just 3  for now till they are finished….  God bless you all, and I pray you have favor in all you do!

ღ♥ღ Amy Jane Sandberg ღ♥ღ

Relationship research & Advice…..

After talking with many couples for research and curiosity. The hardest thing they have to overcome is the first admission of feelings. After that it continues to take great courage to trust another person with those feelings. But it doesn’t end there. When the couple can’t be or stay open about their feeling – the relationship starts to fall apart. It is often stressed Communication is the key to making it work. But compromising is equally important to them. Comparability is important too. But not as important. If you know me I’ve had boyfriends, a fiancée. Working on these books made me wonder is there only one person for us, what happens if you miss him or her? Does another come along or will you keep getting chances to win their heart? From what I have witnessed, there are many “will do’s” but also “My one & only”.

Each pairing is always different. That is why love / romance books are so popular and will never end. So many stories to tell. I’ve  also wondered is it true the person who confessed love first is top dog in the relationship? I don’t think so. I agree it takes a massive amount of courage to be honest like that. But I truly believe that the best relationships are ones where there is equal respect, honesty, and trust. The last person who confesses first was the key to the start of the New beginning together and gets huge kudos. Sometimes a per has to confess more then once or they take turns. Due to bad timing, or miss understandings. Both parties have equal responsibilities to do to give their best to keep the relationship good. It won’t always be equal. But that’s not an excuse to not try you best. I have a lot more to add to this, but another time another day.

I am encouraged by my research and I have hope my one will come eventually to stay in my heart and life. WHEN the time is right for me. In the meantime keep an eye here on info on my upcoming works. ALSO  keep coming back to my blog…  it’s in a constant   a work in progress as always but there for a reason. God bless you all.

♡Amy Jane ♡

Another Short Story Published.

Hello New and Old readers,

I am so happy.  A few weeks ago I finally finished my short summery / preview for my book to come.

God Supplies & Miracles Happen  Cover

Once completely Brain Dead; Two comas; Three open heart surgeries; Third person in the world to have her heart completely rebuilt; Three strokes; plus so much more. Yet Alive Strong, and still living life Abundantly!  She’s one of a Kind, and lives to serve God, standing on His word – the Bible. Her favorite verse being:  “The Devil comes only to steal, kill, and destroy; but I, come to bring life and to bring it Abundantly.” ~John 10:10 It is free to download. In Pdf and Epub ( for nook and other e readers)  format

 I am so excited to share this with you all for free. There was a scare; I thought I almost lost it. I had accidentally deleted the project and had trouble re-submitting the work. I contacted them for help, and well…  They didn’t help at all. I figured out there was some hidden formatting in my document when I edited it and had to copy just text and re-do all the prior enhancements. Such as: Italics, bold, spaces, headers, and footers..  You need to basically submit an almost clear format free project…  Make sure, if you plan on using, you read the info on how your format should be… And does a test run…  It is also really easy to edit your work…   I really want to share  This story with you. The book has been  hard to write, very emotional.. But it is getting done..    I  Pray you all like it.!!! Thanks!!! Have a great weekend!!!

Have a set goal  do your best and allow for unexpected bumps in the road, because they will happen, but  keep a smile. Because You will make it, if you do not give up.  ~Amy Jane

“The White Daisies”

“The White Daisies”

A fictional short story

By: Amy Jane Sandberg

It was long week the week her dad died. She felt like a zombie. The day after the funeral she found a bunch of fresh cut white daisies on her door step. As a child she had loved the flower and it brought back many pleasant memories from her past. It lifted her mood, though she had no idea who had left these flowers there. Over the next few months she would find a fresh bunch once a week.

After a year the pain was not as deep, nor gone. However she was now engaged to a man who was new to the town and it felt like life was getting better for her. He was a simple man, smart, not very rich, and very kind.

On their wedding day he wore a single daisy on his tux. She was appalled that the wedding planner had let him do so. She tried to force him to wear a white rose from her bouquet, but he refused. She gave in since it was seemed to be a trivial battle and she loved him too much to start their marriage off with a fight.

They had a good marriage, yet every birthday, Christmas, and major holiday the only flowers he would buy her were plain white daisies. No matter how much she complained or bagged it made no difference. Didn’t he care what she though, wasn’t she worth more than that?!  When they were newly married she thought I was cute, and that was all he could afford. But now she knew he could do much better than those darned daisies! It was beginning to drive a wedge between them in her heart, and she resented, even hated those flowers. She began to not care when she received them anymore. She told him to stop wasting his time if he wasn’t going to send her what she wanted then he should not waste his money. They no longer brought her joy but frustrations’ and anger.

After it seemed countless years of marriage and their children were gown with children of their own her beloved husband grew very ill. The doctors warned her he would most likely not make it through the night. She loved him so but the only thing she could think about was those darned daisies. She wanted to ask him why he tormented her so with them, was it his way of keeping some control in the relationship, did he do it to make her mad on purpose? She needed to know once and for all why? She got up the courage to ask him just before the nurse would come to send her home for the night.

His answer was this. “I remember the first time I saw you at your father’s funeral. I happened to be there visiting my grandfather’s grave, you looked so sad and yet you kept up a strong front for your mother and others that were there. I fell in love with you that day.  I didn’t know what to do or how to approach you so I did some research and found some white daisies to leave on your door step. I chose that flower because it reminded me of you. I liked what the flower meant. ‘Pure, along with a true love’ depending where you looked.  Yet I also liked that it reminded me of you. It is a small, simple, strong, beautiful, and yet joyful. I wanted them to encourage you, and prayed they would bring you joy.   And it seemed to work. I kept it up even after I got the courage to ask you to dinner for the first time.   I thought about what you said when you complained about them, and almost did as you asked. However I couldn’t It was as if was cheating on you when looked at other flowers. I hoped and prayed you would ask me why them, but you didn’t. You just complained.   I almost stopped giving them to you, however I knew if you ever did ask me why and I told you; you may have questioned or even doubted my love for it. I have never stopped loving you! You are my Gift from God, my white Daisy!”

Utterly moved she was left speechless… She had been so vain, selfish, and petty about the whole matter. Sahe was overwhelmed with remorse towards all her previous thoughts about the white daisies. And how had she forgotten about how they had once made the world of a difference in her life? Ashamed she fell to her knees and prayed. “Dear God please forgive me I sure made a mess of things, and I took my beloved husband and best friend for granted. Please give me a second chance to love on my Husband, and to truly appreciate him, help me make things right!  Please heal Him Completely!”

The next day she got a call from the hospital. Fearing the worst had happened, she slowly answered the phone. “Hello… I know it is still very early in the morning but I‘d like to tell you the good news as soon as possible. Your husband took a sudden turn around and his body is accepting the medicine now, we are not sure why. But there has been a great change in his vitals and he will be able to check out within the next forty –eight hours!!”  In shock and overwhelming joy she again fell to her knees and Praised God!  Never again did she question or doubt her husband’s small gestures but delighted in his presence because he was her Gift from God!   


~The End


This came to me in a dream around 3am this morning. This was a personal test for me. I wanted to see if I could write a quick full story, and it turned out better than I had hoped. Along with a great message that has come to mind.

How often do we take life’s gifts, God’s Gifts, any gift for granted?  Instead of appreciating what we are given, or have we may complain, or think be mad it isn’t what we wanted, or that it is not enough. Instead we need to just say Thank you! I’m not just talking about material gifts. I am talking about all gifts, including people. How many people do we take for granted?

I have trouble accepting gifts at times. I sometimes even hurt the people I love.  I am far from perfect.  But God loves us so much, enough to have sent the Ultimate Gift Jesus Christ. John 3:16 Who died on the Cross so that we could have a another chance to get it right, to be forgiven  for the things we should not do, but do every so often, like maybe tell a small lie, loose our temper unjustly, say things we shouldn’t…. We are Human. God knew what we needed; there was a lot of thought put into this gift and limitless love. We just need to decide if we want to take it.

God shows His love for us not only with Jesus, but in many things. Great parking on a rainy day, a cool breeze on a hot day, a much needed hug from a friend, a burst of energy when we feel like we can’t go on any ore, or peace in a stressful situation!   As my pastor says “Is your Receiver broken?”  I know mine was fixed recently…  My Giver is working well too. If receiving feels great you should try giving. It feels even better.  And you don’t have to give something material, but maybe some of your time? Who knows, it may just change a person’s life.

~Thanks for Reading and God Bless you!

~*Amy Jane



A New Home ~Short Story

A New Home

Hello, my name is Amy and this is my story. It was a normal hot and humid
day in July when I first met him. I had just had a horrid fight with my younger
sister Amelia and took escape with a walk. That is when I met the mystery guy.
He approached me when he noticed I was sad and he tried to cheer me up.

At that he was very successful. With a kind smile and a sincere look
I was drawn in. He notably has the most beautiful golden brown eyes I have ever
seen. They were eyes that shadowed his every emotion.

After that day I started waking more in hopes to see him again. And luckily
I did. After that we made it a habit to meet at least once a week when I went
on my walks. He was pleasurable to be with. And his company made me feel
relaxed and happy.

Around Halloween I finally learned his name was Tony. Why had I waited so long
before finding out is beyond me? It is such a nice name and his personality suited
the name well!

Latter that week I invited him over to meet my sisters, Amanda and Amelia.
Amanda and Tony seemed to relate to each other nicely thought it took a bit
for them to connect. However Amelia and him seemed to make a connection
right away. I was very pleased at this, especially since I was quickly falling in
love with him. After a nice visit I was sad to see him go.

A few days latter I was out walking not looking to find him when and I spotted
Tony at another woman’s apartment doorstep. I was upset and saddened by this.
So the very next day I approached her and asked her about her relationship with
Tony she replied that they were just friends and that I had nothing to worry about.
I was very pleased to learn this but was unsure how true her words were. So I asked
her to kindly back off for a while to see who he liked more. She agreed but she never did..

Near Thanksgiving I started to make him dinner ever night which he seemed to
really like and it made me happy. I started seeing Tony every day as a result.
It greatly pained me to leave him when I had to visit my parents for the holiday.
But I left him with a promise that I would return.

When I returned in mid December he was no where to be seen, and I didn’t know where exactly he
lived. I was depressed and mad at myself for never searching out those details. Luckily after only a
week I saw Tony near the mail boxes. I was overjoyed by this and we walked home together. Again
I invited him over and he accepted but didn’t stay for long.

At last, just before Christmas things changed. One night Tony seemed extra pleased to
see me. It looked like he had been involved in a fight and he was very shook up and his ear was bleeding.
So once more I invited him into my apartment. And he gracelessly agreed. This time though, I refused to let
him leave.

So finally he is mine alone, and we are happy..!!! Tomorrow he has a vet appointment for some vaccination shots
and to be neutered. Poor guy…. But then He will finally be forever mine!! He now has a new home with me.
And he has greatly brightened my life and given me hope and a purpose. I hope he feels the same way about
me as I do him.

– Amy Jane 2006 –



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