Ant Flavored Coffee

Hello My Friends And Loved ones!

Well I did it, we loaded up my mom’s expiation with the last of my stuff, and arrived in my home town yesterday! When we got here it was dusk, so we ate dinner un-packed some, and went to bed early…

My cat Boa Bear greeted me right away, Rosa came out let me pet her a few times and has mostly hid from me since.. I am so happy to be back with them!!!

As soon as I woke up my day was busy. It started with a hearty steak, eggs, and hash-brown breakfast. No time for coffee, went to run errands with my dad. First stop was to see my house. It has come a long way when I first said I’d rent it.  I wish I had taken before pictures. It is sad the woman who lived there before left so much stuff, the house was in desperate need of repair… In a months time he has replaced the floors, fixed the wiring, cleaned out almost everything, repainted, added some fans, cleaned, added new doors, re-did the bathroom completely, built a new back porch, and fixed up the yard…. The house is still not done, he needs to finish the upstairs, new windows, and window air- conditioning units… But wow!! He has done an awesome job so far!!!

While there we unloaded the car load of stuff, met some neighbors, heard some gossip, and talked about the lease…  My land lord says I should be able to move in this week…. I am excited, but enjoying time with my parents!! I have internet here, but won’t be on it much. I have a lot to do with moving into my home, ect. I’ll miss you all!

When we got home latter that afternoon I decided it was time for coffee and found Ants in it!!! WHAT!!???!!   EEEKK!!!!  If you don’t know me I have an un-natural fear of ants and freaked out…  They are only sugar ants, but still……. They should not be there!   We made two pots of plain water and still they are full of ants…. Some point in the past few days they nested inside the big coffee pot… Thankfully the filter has blocked them from pouring into the actual cup, however they are in the coffee…. So my poor mom has discovered she has been drinking ant flavored coffee… EEEWWWW!!! Poooooooor mommy!!!!! That was the worst part of the day….

Dad stated a painting project while we women folk worked in the household chores, and other tasks outside… It was a great sunny / windy day.. If  you do not know this my parents have a river in their back yard. So we had the pleasure of watching people kayaking and rafting all day. We found a beaver dam! And mom saw a few Kangaroo Squirrels!!!

Kangaroo Squirrel

As it got dark we made dinner, I played with my cats, as I sat down to type this my mom’s dog was barking at something outside, my dad and I went out to see what, in hope that  it was deer, but it was a box my dad had just crated for his chain saw.  I didn’t believe that was what had scared Linus,  so I went out to test that theory, and sure enough when I picked up the box Linus barked slowly approached the box and went towards it. Dad explained to me that Linus notices anything out of place and lets them know…  That is one pretty smart dog!!

Today was one busy but good day, and I have a nice sunburn!! ❤

Good Night, sleep good, Be safe!!! Until next time!!

Happy Fathers Day!!

~The Still coffee less Amy Jane

About Amy Jane Sandberg

~God Bless You!~

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  1. Raphael Bluewolf

    Hi !.. Congratulations for the new blog style I like it more than the one before .. it’s more shiny … I wonder if this is the new house effect ?!
    I see that u changed ur profile picture, too .. but why the broken heart ?!

  2. It is not broken, I like to think of it as a heart that has been broken, but pieced back together.. I will write about that latter. Thank you for noticing. I am glad you like the new blog style. I wanted something new for the new chapter in my life. I like that it stands out a bit and is more clean.

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