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Quick Note- Promises kept

Hello My Dear Friends,

As you may know I am slow to do everything I say I will do.. -pokes books-

But I want you to know I keep my promises. I feel very strongly about keeping your word once you give it.. I am bad at keeping promises to myself though.  So here is the update with me…

2 books in progress printed by me and watter marked. So I can take them with me to work when I am bored… Who knows I may write a few more chapters. It worked out the other day when I wrote the second chapters and a half while waiting at the doctors..  The thing I hate is typing it all up, but that just makes my work better I noticed…

Also  I have copy rights to them too. Thank you Mr Post man!!  So do not think of stealing my work..   Not that you would..

I leave Sunday for my trip.. And I will be co hosting a party tomorrow (All day I am afraid) So I will sleep on the plane probably..

The good news is I posted Chapter two of  “A Knight All Along”  just before this so make sure you go read it if you like it..  It is now officially 10,000 words… And almost the same as one of my books so it may end up a book after all. Nonetheless, for now I will still share it with you, my friends..

Since I have a usy day and -pokes my bed- still a lot of packing to do I am gonna call it a night and I hope to post updates when I get back with some lovely images for you all.  Please make sure to leave me feed back. Thanks!!

Lots of Hugs,

~Amy Jane ~ Anjiu SutoMu~

A Knight all Along ~ Ch 2

Chapter Two:

The New Strangers!

It was a hot day, one of the first ones of the New Year. The war is still raging on. Four years of war and death. It is quite depressing if you ask anyone in our country. We however are winning. No one is quite sure how it started. Rumors say it is due to: A kidnapping of our princess, a murder of their prince, and bastard son. But the truth of fact, no one really knows.

I was working my usual shift. It was late, the tavern was going to close soon and I was due to get off in an hour. That was when the strangers walked in. It was a small group of only three men. They looked like they had been walking for ages. They were covered in dust, and mud. One man had a sword, one had a bow, and the other had what looked like a spear. My first reaction was these men meant to do some harm. Before I could back away, the one with the bow approached me.

“Hello miss, we have been traveling for days, and are need of food, drink, and board. Is this the place where we can find those things?” He asked with a weary expression.

“Yes, you are at the right place and at the right time. We are due to close soon. I can get you gentlemen some food, drink, and room if you will wait a few minuets. However I must ask that you leave your weapons with me. We do not welcome trouble. You can retrieve them when you leave.” I made sure he understood I meant what I said about no trouble here. I only hoped he took me at my word. We really did not need any trouble.

The man went back to his group and they talked for a while. It seemed the others agreed to giving up their weapons but the man with the sword

was the most reluctant to give his weapon up.  He seemed to have anger in his eyes towards the other and not just towards the other two gentlemen. When he had all the weapons the hooded man retuned to me and handed them to me.

“We agree to your terms, now please the food and drink. We have not eaten much in four days.” He was quick to explain.

There was something about his eyes, he looked sad, as if he had suffered a great loss. I wondered what could have been behind those eyes. But I know how it is to be hungry, and I know how hungry men can do horrid things in desperation. I was not willing to test their limits tonight.

I hurried to prepare the last of the stew we had for them, and I gave them a picture of ale. . While they ate I talked to the manger arranging some rooms. I found a boy to carry their sacks up to their rooms. After I had stored their weapons in the safe of course..


It wasn’t long before Becky heard the news of the new men in town. She made her way to their table and sat between the one who had the spear and the one who had the sword. She completely ignored the hooded man, who had the Bow. I sat behind the bar and waited till they would need more ale or food. . I preferred to watch people before I talked to them. Becky on the other hand always jumps in right away. I wish I had her boldness. But I lean more by observing then asking.

Becky has definitely become the center of attention, and it was easy to see why. She had worn her tightest bustier with a low cut puffy sleeved blouse, and a ruffled skirt. She looked like a common bar wench like me. She looked nothing like her usually self, of the rich background that she came from. I wondered if she was getting desperate for a man.

Honestly I am surprised she has not caught one yet. She was a nice and fun person.

The man with the sad eyes was very quiet and I would have thought asleep if he was not still picking at his food. When he finished the stew he got up and before I could walk to him, he came to me.

“Thank you miss for the food, it seems your village is full of kind people though we have only had the pleasure of meeting a few of you. Would you mind showing me to my room, unlike my fellow comrades, I am in need of some serious sleep!” The man asked with a kind smile.

“It would be my pleasure sir. I hope you found the food filling, and thank you for the compliment. If you don’t mind my asking, but you have not given us your names yet.” I didn’t want to be rude but I really was tired of thinking of them by their weapons.

“Oh please forgive me it has been a long week. You may call me Able; my comrades are Eric, the one who had the spear; and James, the one who had the sword. I think your friend Miss Becky has captivated their attention for the night.”

“Oh, has she not caught yours as well?” I asked truly surprised she had not.

“No, I am afraid she is not my type, I prefer a woman of knowledge and class. I am not looking for an easy wench.”

I couldn’t help but giggle at the thought of Becky who had class was now missing out on some one who she could probably settle down with, by trying hard to gain attention. It is sad and odd how that happens more often than not. I have learned from experience it is best to just be yourself.

”Well here we are. I hope you find the room cozy and comfortable. If you need me I will be down the hall. Just call for me and I will hear you.”

“Thank You, you are so kind! I am sure I will be fine. I will show the guys where their rooms are. If they will rest with a lady present, they may stay up all night.”

“That is very kind of you, but I hope they do go rest soon. I must stay up till the customers are retired for the night. Rest well” she replied as she started to walk away.

“Oh, I see, well in that case would you care to join me in a game of cards. It is a new game I leaned. I would enjoy repaying the hostility you have shared with us.”

“But Able did you not just say you were sleepy? I do not want you to stay up just for my sake.”

“It would not be a problem my lady. I can sleep more latter, and longer. I don’t know how trusts worthy my comrades are; I can not really call them my friends. Since we have barley acquainted ourselves a few days ago. I would hate to have them take advantage of you. And if you do not mind my asking, what pray tell is your name my lady?”

“Oh forgive me, I did it again. You may call me Anita and shall we go back down then?”


It seemed we played cards for hours. It was an interesting game, as Able had said very addicting. We ended up staying up much latter then the others. I was ashamed of myself. I had no idea if Becky went with anyone or went home and it was to late to go see. I now have to wait till morning.

“Able, I want to thank you for the game. I really must close up now. I had no idea it was so late. Sleep well Sir.”

“Oh please forgive me. I was not paying attention to the time either. Do get some rest.” Able replied.  What was wrong with him? He never gets carried away like he just did. Anita was not anything special. She had to be at least ten years younger then him. But she was nice. Something about her made him able to be at ease, able to relax. Even though he was not physically attracted to her in anyway, he was drawn to her. “Thank you again for the food and Ale, I will excuse myself to bed now.” He added as he ascended the stairs.


Morning comes fast when you have little sleep. Lazily Anita awoke and crawled out of bed. She could smell fresh bacon on the stove, along with eggs and fresh coffee. Was it her imagination? She was the only one that cooked at the Tavern.

She staggered as she crawled out of bed and dressed quickly. Her curiosity was moving her faster than would have moved before. Following the delicious smell she tiptoed past the inn rooms, where many guests were still sleeping. How they ignored the smell was beyond her, it smelled better than her   own cooking.

Once inside the kitchen she found Able over the stove turning the bacon and eggs while Becky and him carried on a conversation. Becky was still in the cloths she wore the night before, but that did not prove anything. Around here cloths were limited now days.  “Good morning” Anita said after listening a for a few minutes. She had not heard anything of value, but was sure Beck was now hooked on Able, by the way she was leaning in close and touching his arm. That or she was including him in the possibilities. Anita could not help but feel a little bit jealous, even though Able was very nice, she knew nothing about him still. How could he or she have any attraction towards one another?

“Good Morrin’ Anita. Did you sleep well? I thought I would cook the breakfast since it was my fault you were up so late last night.” Able greeted her with a smile.

Becky glared in return. “Oh you two stayed up late huh, what were you up to?” Becky asked hoping to make them uncomfortable. Maybe she would finally be able to prove that Anita was the whore everyone knew she was.

“We were playing cards; it is a fun new game I leaned. Maybe I could teach it to you later and we could all play it together.” Able replied before I could speak.

“Oh! That would most definitely be enjoyable Able; I am looking forward to playing again. I am lucky today is my half day so maybe we could play this evening?” I added before Becky could speak. I too can play the flirt if I wanted to. be Yet I didn’t really know if I wanted to one..

Becky sneered at me while Able had his back turned to us as he continued to cook for us. “I would not pass up such a chance as that, I look forward to this evening. Able can I help you set the tables or something?” she added in her sweetest voice.

“Yes, thank you Becky. The food is almost done.”

“Well I must bet back to cleaning the quarters, and the bar. Please save me some and I will see you both tonight.  Oh Able, would you be so kind to invite your comrades to join us too? The more the merrier.”


“Oi, Not again!!” Becky yelled in frustration. She has lost the fourth game in a row. She was the only person yet to win a hand.

“Becky, enough, this is already more then I wished to play tonight. We should call it a night. At least I will. I must get up with the sun and the moon is high in the sky already. If I do not rest you will see my hidden monster and no one likes her.”

“Aw, Able don’t let her go. We are having a great deal of enjoyment.”  Becky pleased. She wanted Anita to show her monster, and maybe that would give her a chance at Able. They already seem to becoming friends. She was jealous, that she herself has had no time with just him.

“I am afraid I must say I agree with Miss Anita, I am quite fatigued. It has been a long day for us.”  Able replied.

“What is it that you warriors are doing here exactly?” Becky took the chance to ask. However non of the men were eager to explain.

After the room was silent for quite a few minuets one of the men spoke. “We are under strict orders from the King to uphold secrecy on the task at hand.” Eric said in a formal tone.

“Should we the townsmen be apprehensive?” Becky asked which surprised Anita. She had not seen this serious side of Becky before.

“Not at present,  I can not say for sure for later though. It all depends on some things, and what we find.”

“So you’re looking for something or someone?” Becky asked.

“That is enough Eric!” James said, speaking for the first time, and shocked every one in the room.

Not knowing what to do Anita stood up and left. It was clear there would be no more talk of their assignment. “Good Night everyone, do not let the bed bugs bite.” She said, closing the door behind her. Anita was not sure what to think all of a sudden. Were the men people to be fearful of? Was their task something to do with the war? Of not what could it possibly be about? Was she wrong to be wary? Has she left Beth alone with dangers men?


Beth sat there still at the table with the men. She was unsure what to do. Anita had left and now she was not sure she wanted to stay herself. No one had spoken for a while. It seemed as if every one was thinking, considering what to do or say next as she was.  She had originally seen the three men as possible husbands however now she was unsure just how dangerous then men were. They had come in with armor on and weapons at hand. What would have happened if they had come to cause harm right away?What am I to do? She asked herself.

“Well Miss Becky, it has been a pleasure, but we must go rest as well.” Eric finally said breaking the silence. It was hard to tell who of the three, was the one in charge. All three men seemed to have some control.

Becky smiled in return, “Yes it has been a pleasure, my pleasure. Thank you for the games even though I lost all of them. I still enjoyed my time with you men.” She replied not wanting to ruin her chance in a math incase they were not to be trouble. “Pleasant dreams.” She added as she walked away. She decided that she must lean more about the men before she made up her mind and went to find the innkeeper and tavern owner Rosco Deglum.

Becky begged him for a job, explaining to him the truth. She needed some extra money to care for her family. And though she would work there she would still live at home. (That way her reputation may stay intact.)

Rsoco thought it over, he really did not need more help. However it would, for the most part, possibility be of use to Anita. Moreover, with two lovely ladies working there the patronage number was sure to increase, so it would be well worth the chance. Thus he conceded to her request.


` Anita awoke with the sun as she had hoped. She did not dare be late to work on any occasion. She dressed quickly and made her way to the kitchen. It was her duty to cook before she cleaned. She also had to serve the meals. It would be much easier if Rosco would allow her to set it all out on a table and let the guests help themselves. But he insisted the system she already had saved food and made the guests feel special, so he refused her time after time. She had never thought to ask for help. She had a pleased surprise when she had found Able cooking the day before. However that was nothing compared to the bewilderment she was now in. As she entered the kitchen she found Becky cooking. Furthermore the food smelled delicious, just as it should. “Becky why are you here?” Anita asked not sure what she expected as a response. “Do you not fear you will get the same label you gave me?” she added.

“No I am not concerned with that, I am staying at my home just working here unlike you. There are some things I am unable to stop thinking about and so I decided they needed to be further examined. There is something strange about those men, and I can not shake the feeling that something bad is coming. Do not tell me you have not sensed the same thing.”

“I guess I have to take back my thoughts of you.  You can cook and think at the same time. I guess you are not brainless after all.”

“HEY! That was mean…. I guess I deserved it but can we not call a truce. For now at least, there is much more at stake right now. “ Becky replied as her anger grew.

“Enough gossip, more work. We have hungry customers and no food being served.” Rosco Deglum interrupted before Anita could reply. He wasn’t named Deglum for nothing; he was by far, the most discontented man Anita had ever met. She was not upset at the interruption she wanted time to consider what a truce with Becky really meant. However Becky did have a point about the men. Also did Rosco hear any of the discussion? He would not have let it go, nor would he have?

My Progress report -lots to do-

Hello, Hello,

There is so much to do and so little time and yet I keep wasting the time I have, I am very mad at myself about that. Darn facebook.. I am quitting many games for a while and keeping select few.. But all will be on a break for a while soon.

Lets see, where shall I start… I think I lost the editor.. I have not heard from her in a month.. Which is ok.. I am really sad about it but, hey what can I do..

The book “A Crimson Star” needs to be changed to first person and will be a huge undertaking.. At least I needs a serious re-examination..  I wish I had more feed back on this one but NO one is willing to read it here.. This is frustrating. It is not because they do not like my work. But because no one wants to read it before it is finished.. I could use some tips here. Also  I am still suck on some major plot keys so it is ok to just let this one sit while I think more.. Or until I have a revelation..

So I have been working on my short story “A Knight All Along” still not sure on the name.. It is so popular, that it may end up being a book.. We shall see. It is a side thing…

In the mean time I  have been working on my walk of faith, complete facts. “Miracles Still Happen Today” and the book I started when I was 16 and re-wrote three times.. “The Princess and the Mirror”. My mother has not gotten back to me on the facts I asked her to look over in “M.S.H.T.”so I have been working on other chapters.. As for the “P.&t.M” My main concern were some names and the flow. So I edited the first few chapers again and am now working on new chapters.. I think I deleted – reworded- more words then I had meant to. And I lost over 1k words… But that will be easy to make up as I work more..

“I am also when stuck on the other three working a little on “Musical Mishap” and “My Velvet Room” not to be confused with one of my most favored books to read.  “The Velvet Room”

That is all for now, Please leave me feed back. I am sorry I have not posted more of my work, but I am so worried it will be stolen that I just can not bring myself to it right now. Especially when I am changing little things still… Maybe I will add it and Password protect it latter.. We shall see when I get back..

~Amy Jane AKA Anjiu SutoMu

Ps. 13 days till I leave for 2 weeks..

“A Knight all Along” ~Chapter One: “I am Who I am!”~

Chapter One:

“I am Who I am!”

“Who would have guessed it could happen to me of all people? He was my Man, A Knight all along, But mine!!”

“I have never had an easy life. Nothing like my dear friends lives. Not that I am complaining. I am who I am because of what I have gone trough. I have chosen my own path in life and I have stuck with it. But before I get ahead of myself let me start the story from the beginning.

I was twenty three when I moved out on my own. I was the only woman in my village to move out of her parent’s home un-wed. Immediately I took residence at the local tavern. Where I acquired a job; as the Tavern wench. I did not care what others said about me being a whore, even thought I have had sexual intercourse which is un-heard of an unmarried woman in my time. But no one knows about that little secret. Though they assume it because of where I work, no one has been able to prove it nor tried to.

You see, I had not chosen to break my purity seal. I was raped at age sixteen by my step brother Steven. Luckily I did not conceive the seed of him.  Only Steven and I know of what happened that dark rainy night. The fact being, that very same night he took me, he was chosen to serve the king and was sent away to battle.  If he told any one there God only knows, no one has said a word of it to me.   He was seven years older then me, and by our laws here if you are of the age of eighteen or above and if you are able to, you enter servitude when, where, and for how long you are told to do so. You see, a man must do as he is told to serve his king. Otherwise he is not honored as a man.. Therefore a man must always be ready to server our King if they want that respect and recognition. Some however do not live to gain the honor of manhood. And they live off others, only to please themselves. Eventually they are jailed or worse, killed by some means.

Thus my secret stayed safe.  Steven was killed in battled two years latter, before he could return home. The men that brought the news never gave us the specific cause of death. And we never got to see his body.  Which the man told us was for the best. The Knight said only that “Steven had died fulfilling his duty to the King, may he rest in peace.” Personally I hope he is rotting in Hell. His poor mother passed away a few moths after due to the deep depression of loosing her only son. That in which, has left me alone to care for my father Thomas. Which was the case till; he met his new wife Anna.

That was when I knew I had to get away while I had the chance. My father, the loving man that he is, sadly has poor taste in women. His new wife is my age which will be good fore bearing children, but will most likely out live him. We did not see eye to eye on many subjects. So to keep peace with my father and his new bride, I chose to move out.  My new mother Anna is already with child. Probably the child was conceived before the marriage, and hopefully the child will be a boy for my father’s sake. He needs an heir. So I will have, in a few moths a new sibling. Honestly I really could care less to know the child. I am not cold heated but they have a new life. One I do not wish to relive again. Anna is Thomas’s third wife, including my mother. And now it is my turn to have my own life.

So here I am, a woman of twenty three years, several years past the conman marring age and still single, by my own choice. My dear friends Catalina, Jasmine, Lora, Eliza, and Victoria, already found husbands and have been blessed with at least one child so far.

I have had marriage proposals, many in fact.  However I am a very particular woman. Not just any ordinary man will do.  I am a beautiful woman, in fact the one of the most beautiful in this town. I am not vein just stating a fact. I am smart, I know how to read and write. My favored hobby is to read about the different places all around the world. This fact though has helped me none in finding a unique man. And rarely do we get new travels that come though our village.  But if they do, they always visit the Tavern. It is the only place where one can find board, food, and drink. That was my main reason for choosing to work there. I am longing to meet some one new, a man of character.  Who will be unique and different from the common folk in this village!

I have easily settled into my new room, it over looks the small village park. That is where we hold all the main events. Our village is made up of only seventy seven people. The villagers are mainly older couples and their families. Besides me there are only a few other single women and even less single men. All the good ones are summoned away to server the King and rarely come back single.  The other single woman I know is Becky, she is not that pretty in looks but she knows how to show off her assets if you know what I mean.  She is my main competition for a suitor. She does not work at the tavern but she is a regular visitor and she knows how to gain attention. I however choose to stay in the background. And I will until I meet my Husband to be. I just hope Becky will stay out of my way.

I have additional talents other then serving tables, I sing at times and I write short stories for the local paper. I don’t get paid for them, but I do get a small amount of credit at the local store, and freedom to what I write, as long as my real name is not signed in the story. So I write under the pen name Timothy Johnson. I know you think I would be mad about that, but I am happy to be able to share my stories in any way that I can. As long as the stories make others happy I will be happy.”


“Oh beg my pardon, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Anita Jones.  If you are wondering about my looks, I am a blond woman with green eyes; my measurements are 32, 25, and 32. And I am about five feet two inches.”


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Quick Note

I am still waiting on my Editor’s reply and my Mother’s input on my facts.. While waiting I have been working on revising my short story and writing more of it. Plus editing some fan fictions.. Several are still on hold. And I am sorry to all who have been waiting…. I hope I can remember the plots and get back to them soon.

I also Decided that no matter what my editor says about my book, I should convert it to first person again.. Which I am not looking forward too.. It is 77pages right now and 16 thousand words……. Not as much as another book on the far back burner.. But It will be a huge chore.. AT least there is a lot of talking so not all of it has to be changed.. Still I am on the edge of my seat waiting for her reply!! I am not good at waiting…….

So I have been having a lot of trouble thinking and working on my other books.. Not good, I need to relax more… (Maple story is not so Good at that) ;p

But thanks to reading some one else’s novel in progress from an editor’s point of view, I have found some clarity and some writing passion again.. Yet I have to go play maple… I promised a friend lol.. TOMORROW I WORK!!!

Ps. Today is my presious nephew’s Birthday!! I had a plan and I failed to follow through.. I need to go it soon.., You will see what I want to do for him and the family latter!

Love you all, I mean it!!
~Amy Jane

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