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Please Support me with your Comments.

Hello My Friends,

Being Sick Sucks!! You think being sick I could get a lot of writing done, but my head was so cloudy I couldn’t think straight. But Yesterday and Tonight I got back to work.. I feel like my books are taking forever.. WAIT they are… Editing them takes a lot of time and I am not sure if they are even good to anyone but me. I really wish I had a some one I trusted to read them and edit for me. But every one I know is really busy. And have things of thier own they keep putting off..

So please bear with me. Though it is a slow process it is well worth the effort. (I think) with every edit and addition I make the better the book gets and the more I thing you all will like it. I am gonna work very hard for the next several months of the year to finish at least one of the three books I am mainly working on. Right now it looks like the book will be “A Crimson Star” or “Miracles Still happen Today”

To be honest “Miracles Still Happen Today” is harder to write because I get all emotinal when I remember the past. And the people I ask for references take a long time to get back to me. But it will get done eventually.. The other books I am working on  are much easier to write,  due to the fact they are 100% fiction… And thus what ever comes to mind is ok..

So bear with me and pleas support me by at least rerading what I post here and giving me feed back.

Thank you!!

~Amy Jane

My Daily Plan

So far my Schedule is working good. I am not following it exactly but it has been a good way to stay organized. Since I could not find a templet online I made my own. Here is a blank copy for you to use.. You didn’t think I would show you mine did you??  Sorry I think things like that are personal. I hope this  will help you as much as it has helped me.

My Daily Schedule blank It is in Word format 2003 with 2007 compatibility package. You should be able to open it fine. There is no virus.. (That would be really lame of me to send a virus when I am posting to share.)

God Bless you!

~Amy Jane

Quick News – Aug 16th 2010


I just wanted to drop in real fast before bed and let you know what is going on. I am starting my new schedule this week. Keep me in your prayers pleas.. I am working on having more self discipline and it has been hard. To many life distractions. So I am praying this will be successful!

When I can, I have been typing in my edits  this past week. Of “The Princess and the Mirror” though it has been a slow process.. I seemed to have lost my 2 main usb drives.. But thankfully that does not matter since I an typing up the edits from a hard copy.. I still hope to find my spare work files soon though.

Other then that I am gonna try and post more examples of my work as I go. “Gabbles” as I am told they are called now and other things.. If you want to know anything please ask me here or on my Forum Spring linked on the side.

Good night, and sleep well,
Amy Jane

My Letter -To My Bed!

(This is a short letter I wrote to make people smile in a forum online where people were write letters to say what they had to, to people who won’t be reading them. It is a great idea. And there are some like mine mixed in. Anyways it made so many smile I decided to share it here. It is a small example of my work and creative mind..)


My Dearest Bed,

Your attempts to lure me to your cozy comforter, and soft pillows is at its end. Night after night I fight with you and eventually loose. Well tonight I am just going to call it quits.. I can’t avoid the dreams we share, any more then I can avoid the lust I have for you. You are after all my best friend. Though the coverings have changed, we have spent many years together. I know you envy my old bed, but you two are very different, even though my past bed was larger, you have three parts to you. Where a sleep, a pull out bed for a  someone else, and some drawers. So not only are you comfy – cozy, you are also efficient. Thus we will be together a long time and you with my children one-day.

So we must make a deal. You have to start letting me go in the mornings. You must release me earlier then you have. Ten thirty am is just not acceptable any more. And I shall  promise to retire to your caring arms,  where we can share our dreams once more. I do love you, but if you refuse to comply, I will be forced to spend my nights with the couch.

~ Sincerely Yours,
Amy Jane

I am Home again.

Howdy Folks,

How are you doing?  I am home again. I have been home for a little bit. As soon as I got home I caught a bad cold that lasted almost three weeks on and off. I am all better now. I have been trying to get adjusted to the time and schedule again. It has been pretty hard. But I have a plan. (Yes, another one) I am gonna start it tomorrow. I wrote up a schedule and I am gonna work hard on following it. I pray with this I will use my time more efficiently.

On my trip I printed my books “The Princess And the Mirror” and my Short Story “A Knight All Along” I got a lot done with both. I have not had the time to type up the edits yet. However I am still working on them. “A Knight All Along” Is turning out to be as long as a book. I may make it one latter. I am pushing it back a bit on my list of things to do.

Since I have my other 3 Books “Miracles Still Happen Today”, “A Crimson Star”, and  “The Princess and The Mirror” that need to be finished first.. It is a good project. When I get stuck it keeps me going but it is not a main project as of yet.

Anyways, I am still working on my books. I am going to work harder. I will give up some things to get them done if need be. I am trying really hard not to get distracted with life.. I am not Dating on purpose though I did want to. I decided when the time is right things will fall into place. God’s timing is best.. If you have any questions for me you can ask here anonymously or not. I would be glad to try and answer them for you.

Make sure if you have faith in God to go here too.

God Bless you, Good night!

~Amy Jane

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