Moving This Weekend!!

Hello my Friends, and Loved ones! 

This weekend I am moving.. House ready or not, here I come!!

I will also be starting a new job doing what I did many years ago. I will be an Adult Caregiver, Some call it a CNA (Certified Nursing assistant) But I will be mainly just keeping the woman company, feeding her meals, and writing my books in-between. Which is perfect!! I have a house next door to where I’ll be working, which makes the commute the best!!

I am not sure what is left to be done in my house, I’ll know as soon I get there. Until it is done I’ll be staying at my parents? Probably? About a mile away… Phone, net, and Tv, will not be hooked up until the second or third week of July. After the yearly family camping event!  ALSO ~ My cell phone will not work in my new home town.. So you will no longer be able to reach my by that number. However, I should be able to check my e-mails after work, some nights.

To all of you who love to write me letters, the first thing I will be doing is getting a PO BoX in my new Home Town!  Unfathomably, the mail man doesn’t like to travel into town much, so none of the homes have mail boxes..  So be on the look out for letters, post cards, and other things from me with my new address…

I am very nervous about living alone in my new home. It is an amazing house, but I am worried I may get a little lonely or I’ll hate it after a while… (Very Unlikely Though!)  I have always wanted to live in a small town, have my own house, and write!! And now it is coming true!!! ❤  God is so Amazing!!! I am still amazed how it feel into my lap like that!!

I have been moving a lot so it seems, since 2003, I may move more still…… But I hope and pray for a while, there, I can be settled and finish my books, at least a few of the many in progress!!! I long for some peace….

God always takes care of me, and loves us all!! Don’t ever forget that!!!

I must sleep now, or soon as I recive a few phone calls. Thanks for taking the time and reading!

~Amy Jane

About Amy Jane Sandberg

~God Bless You!~

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  1. Raphael Bluewolf

    “I have always wanted to live in a small town, have my own house, and write” stop stealing my dreams, would yeah?!…. no! just kidding hope u the best .. though If u need any carpentry or decoration help let me know.. I might be able to help u !

    • LOL, there is plenty of room for more writers like me, following their dreams!! ❤ Thank you! My land lord is a Handy man, he has fixed the house up for me, he is not done yet. Say's I can move in this week.

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