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My faith based book, 100% factual. My ultimate Testimony! Full of Miracles, inspiration, verses, hospital visits, close calls, and much more.

Here I go again!

First off let me say sorry for not being on Facebook or any social media much in months. I just really needed some me time off line, and off the computer. I will be working on that tho.

Guess what? ūüõ©I am off on another adventure! I didn’t think I’d be traveling again. Especially so soon… ūüöó Wow! ūüôČ

I was asked to join my sister this time on her work trips. I will be away for about a month. I feel really blessed to be able to travel so much. I get to visit some of you and some new places as a bonus.ūü§Ě Exciting right.! ūü•≥ I am overwhelmed and looking forward to it immensely. I left home yesterday and will be back sometimes mid November. I already miss my dog.

I also plan to take this opportunity to get some writing done. ‚úŹūüóí I’ll have an abundance of inspiration ūü§© and some quality quiet time. I already spent six hours doing so today. It took a while but I finally got the equipment, I needed for my Mac. After losing my work due to update malfunctions, human error, and again for some unknown reasons… I’ve had a hard time getting into writting again. This time around I’m gonna be extremely overprotective of my work. ūüĒź I am very determined to finish theses books! I think they will be better then before, because of the passion I have. I am putting all my heart into theses books. When they are done I hope you will enjoy.

Life is to short to let opportunities slip by. I wish I had done a lot of things differently. I did some really great things in my past so it’s not all discouraging… But I shouldn’t dwell on the past.ūü§≠ I am who I am because of that past. I am pretty awesome too!ūüėč Thus, I am gonna be brave and not let fear hold me back from making the most of life. I will have courage and not hold back. I will trust God and make the most of what I have while working towards my dreams and goals. Remember- people are precious to me, especially those who I am close to. Just because I’m working on me doesn’t mean I’ll stop caring about you! ūüíē

ūüĎĪ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹI feel I leaned a lot and grew in may ways on my last trip. I look forward to seeing the results and enjoying this one as well. I better get to sleep now.

Take care and be safe! God bless you today and always!

‚ēįŠÉ¶‚ēģ Amy Jane Sandberg‚ēįŠÉ¶‚ēģ

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Walmart now has E-books


ūüó®ÔłŹExciting news!

ūüó®ÔłŹWalmart¬†has teamed up with¬†‚Ä欆Rakuten¬†-Kobo Books¬† (RakutenGlobalMarket) to sell¬†Ebooks¬†on¬†¬†site! You can find my e-book “God Supplies and Miracles Happen” along with many other awesome authors and books out there.

¬†ūüė欆Woot Woot!!!



ūüó®ÔłŹThey have a free app but they are also¬†is selling Kobo e-readers too.¬†¬†I tested it out¬† Kobo app for Walmart ebooks. Or the Walmart app¬† If you already have a Kobo account use the same email on the account. If you’re going to purchase Walmart ebooks. So now you can buy the books at two different places, but it goes to the same place e-reader as long as you use the same email. I didn’t oops I used my Walmart e-mail account that I have had for a long time… Don’t make the same mistake I did unless you want to buy the book.

Here’s the link:


Readers and Reading gift cards:


ūüó®ÔłŹIf you’re an indie author¬†and you are not on Kobo You should be as soon as possible.!¬†

You will be required to buy an ebook Isbn if you don’t already have one. Print, Kindle and Barns and Noble isbn’s don’t count.¬†ūüėĄThey are about $30.00 and you can get one below.



God Supplies And Miracles Happen:

Have a great day!

‚ēįŠÉ¶‚ēģ Amy Jane Sandberg‚ēįŠÉ¶‚ēģ

I feel accomplished

Let’s see…Today I:

1. Ran errands.
2. Exercised.
3. Cleaned House 
4. Spent time with my Love.
5. Spent quality time with mom.
6. Read emails.
7. Worked on a book.
<I think I’m starting to get the feel of my mac>
8. Made important phone calls.
9. Did some PR.
10. Cleaned the apartment some…

I feel accomplished….!



‚ēįŠÉ¶‚ēģ¬†Amy Jane Sandberg‚ēįŠÉ¶‚ēģ

Thanks AuthorPlooza


Here are some pictures form my table at¬† Authorpalooza by Eureka Casino & Resort Author Amy Jane Sandberg. Sara Tassil Swag Advantage¬†JJ’s Design. It was quite the event and experience!


20840728_920675381404167_7262006290966654573_n20799287_920675331404172_7391484735038941586_n^ Here is the proof! ^

I am glad I did it. I ¬†went and participated in this and tho it wasn’t the biggest event, but it was great! I leaned a lot and shared a lot. My Table mate ¬†C.J. FOXX , and my Editor ¬†Sara Tassill ¬†were awesome! ¬†I met so many great people, ¬†too many names to remember them all. Most memorable are: Sherry Ficklend, ¬†Kathy-Lynn Cross,¬†Scott¬†Hildreth, Jessica Hildreth, ¬†and David Michael, and lat but not least¬†Mikey Lee. ¬†I am so grateful to have met you all! I hope that the future holds many more exciting fun events with lots of awesome memories and ¬†wonderful people! God bless you today and always!

‚̧ԳŹAmy Jane Sandberg


Updates Finally!

Hello dear readers,

I finally got around to editing the links and my work page! Whew… It’s a pain to do, I’m not entirely happy with it. But my coding skills are limited… @.@ Anyways I added ¬†a few books I am working on. Normally I would do a full detailed progress report with lots of fun little ¬†details. But I am taking care of my nephew this week, he is currently ¬†occupying his self with the movie Frozen… His favorite character is Olaf of course… ¬†One of Mine too. ūüėõ ¬† Great Movie you should see it….


 So I have to keep this short.. 

Some of my books are on hold, oddly enough all my fictions.. Due to a past virus I had my ¬†updated versions were ¬†deleted from my laptop. However I was smart and backed them up on my External Hard drive… ¬†The bad news is, since the move I can not find the power cord to it… ¬†I had kept them together but somehow the ¬†cord has vanished… ¬†I however was smart enough to back up my faith based books in 2 other places. So I am currently working on ¬†those when Time permits.. ¬†Those being: ¬†“Miracles Still Happen Today”, “Deeply Rooted In Him”, ¬†and “Amy Jane’s Mini Assortments”. ¬†The latter being a book I ¬†was able to compile really quickly… ¬† ¬†I was not gonna announce it, I was gonna leave it as a surprise. But since They are all coming along so nicely I couldn’t help but share my Joy. ¬†Although I seem to be busier then usual, and i have a small¬†desk… ¬†I am ¬†doing a lot better with staying focused and writing more often then I used to.

I long so much to finish them as soon as possible, and I get so stressed when I want to write and can’t. However Life is precious and people are too. So ¬†I tend to choose ¬†experiences and people over time alone writing if presented the option. ¬†God’s timing is perfect ¬†so I try not to get mad at myself ¬†for not being done yet. I want them to be perfect… Well as perfect as I can be and I am looking for publishers on two of the three books too… Tho I will probably self publish also…. I want to follow God’s will.. I am really pleased with how “God Supplies and Miracles ¬†Happen” Turned out! ¬† You need adobe reader for the e-book.. I’m debating paying the money to get it on Amazon, Nook and ibooks…. ¬†What do you think? Should I? And ¬†I adore how the print book turned out… You should totally check that out. ¬†

Well that is it for ¬†now…

Lots of Love, God Bless you today and always!

~Amy Jane~

Christmas Encouragement….

Hello Everyone,

This year has been hard for me, yet I’ve been blessed! So much has happened and changed since last Christmas. This year there seems to be something missing.  I can’t put my finger on what it is.  There is for sure a cloud of depression hanging over  people too.  But I am staying thankful.  I am making a effort to spread cheer and love. Along with  the reason for the season.  Keep in mind Christmas only comes once a year.  But it lives in my heart year round. Choose not to let the little things get to you. I know this time of year brings back bad and good memories for all. I want to encourage you to focus on the good.  Have regrets? Everyone does. But… Every day is a new day bringing new chances and choices. Don’t wait for the new year resolution to change. Do it now… So you can be happy sooner.  ‚ô• I know I make it sound so easy. But I know that it is not. I truly believe that if you look you can find reasons to be happy. Complain less and smile more… Every thing worth doing – takes effort! Learn to appreciate each opportunity to make a choice as they arrive.

This year again I didn’t finish the main books I’m working on. (Why work on more than one at a time? = to keep the writer block away.) I did pubish a smalk e-BOOK. And I am continuing to make progress on my main books almost daily.  I am working on them more determined  then ever now. So keep checking back with me and please don’t hesitate to ask me about them. ‚ô•

~ Amy Jane‚ô°

I’m back to work!


I’m back home and off to work.


My sisters wedding was beautiful. I was very happy to have spent time with all the family. It was a¬† small but wonderful wedding,¬† one of the best I have been to! Plus it was a mini¬† family reunion! She is so blessed so many people wanted to be there for her joyous day.¬† The only thing missing were my¬† brothers and aunt Christine. I still fel sad that Shane is now in heaven. But I know he is in a better place and I will see him again one day. I just hope he¬† was able to look down and see her day.. Funny, I always though that line was a little cheesy,¬† never thought it was possible. I mean I know they are always wit us.. Bit to say that myself… I feel the dept¬† of those words…¬† Pardon me while I go cry…

My Sister Amelia and I have come a long way in our relationship.¬† I¬† realized we both were a bit envious of each-other.. Silly how envy¬† can tear people apart.¬† I am so happy for her, beyond words. I think both my sisters are blessed with wonderful husbands!¬†¬† Now it’s my turn..¬†¬† (I know, when the time I right I will have mine. I am not in a hurry!)¬† My nephew was a doll!! I adore him… I miss him tons. I can’t wait till¬† I see them next time!

I’m sorry I meant to keep this short.¬† Last thing….

My files are a mess on the computer and in hard copies, andmy net is limited…. Thank God I have my computer back tho. I can’t wait to finish some of these books… I am so grateful that have the time and help when I need it. I¬† have a bad habit of jumping in headfirst and catching up latter…¬† Now her¬† I am back to work and regretting my quick filing system.¬† I have a lot of organizing, updating,¬† formatting¬† rearranging and lots of writing to do. Where is that personal assistant I’ve been meaning to¬†¬† find… lol… I would love to have an office¬† to go to: with a huge desk,¬† multiple display monitors, several computers, and a staff to help me. ¬† Maybe one day?¬† Till then I have a apt, with a small office, 2 filing cabinets full of research and hard copies print0uts of my work, a Great Dane who is leaning when to settle down while I work… Mom said shes never met a Great Dane so hyper…¬† God knew what I needed tho,¬† I would be so bored and lonely with out her. I have¬† a demanding but wonderful neighbors.¬† I love the new place now, tho I have only been actually home here 1 moth, its like living in a¬† yearlong vacation spot out of a book I’d read…¬† So many wonderful¬† wildlife, and I’m up high, so I have great views all around me… Thank you so much for sticking with me and continuing to support me with encouragement and pushing me to work… I have so many¬† books in progress, I’ve narrowed it down to just 3¬† for now till they are finished….¬† God bless you all, and I pray you have favor in all you do!

ŠÉ¶‚ô•ŠÉ¶ Amy Jane Sandberg ŠÉ¶‚ô•ŠÉ¶

A sneak peak of Miracles Still Happen Today

Here is a ¬†sneak peak of an entry in my book “Miracles¬†Still Happen Today” (A Rough Draft)


It had been a busy day and an amazing week so far!  I was worried about many things and very very  far from home.  We took a tram up tow thirds of a mountain and I  was challenged by my sister to walk up the last one third  of a mountain, up to the tip top.   Where a large wooden cross stood.

We could see it from where we stood and it looked to be  very far away.  It seemed like a great idea. However,  just walking up to the trail from the tram, I was out of breath. I had been walking trails daily and one of the days there I walked at most  eight miles. Which was awesome! It was by far the most I have walked in years that I know of.  And this trail is by far less then that. I am not sure but it is about three miles at most. But the trail is hard.  And in honesty,  I was a bit sacred and excited.

I had to stop every thirty seconds it seamed ~~~ After only five minuets I was out of breath as if I had just walked those eight miles.. I  begin to panic. There was no way I could walk this trail. And definitely no way I could make it all the way to the tip top, where the cross was.

The trail  was very narrow, barley enough room for two people to walk side by side, and in some area not even that. It was also  full of big and small rocks with lots raised roots.  Most of the time the trail was  extremely close to the edge of the cliff or a ravine. The only thing separating me and the edge at times  was a small bush, or some rocks.  The trail was also very muddy, wet and slippery in many places, and the stairs  had no railings.

I collapsed on a rock on the side of the path and told my sister to go on with out me. I was out of breath and having trouble catching it.  She reluctantly walked away saying she was gonna check out the next part of the path up some stairs.  She had such a sad look on her face. I do not recall exactly why, maybe the look, or maybe the thought of her going alone.  But I got up and walked up to her at the top of the stairs.  I told her I would walk the normal path but not to the cross and we had to do it slowly. She did not argue.

You should know this trial is one large loop. From the tram around the mountain top and back to the tram. With a side trail up to the Cross. You could go either way depending on your preference. One side had lots of stairs and one had mostly natural trail. We chose to go trial up,   stairs down.  (Something else you should know I am allergic to some bees,  I am not sure what kind)

Many people passed us along the way, most on their way down… (Most of them seemed¬†to have¬†chosen¬†Stairs up. ¬†Nine ¬†out of Ten had something¬†encouraging¬†to say to us. Such as: ¬†“It is well worth it, The view is spectacular!”. ¬†The view¬†was a most spectacular! I will not disagree there. ¬†Even from the bottom of the trail. It was breath taking and¬†surreal. ¬†I keep telling people Alaska is proof God exists! The beauty of the state is¬†surreal¬†and breathtaking no matter where you go. But this was one of the best views I have seen in my whole life. The only thing second to this was all the shades of the ocean colors and the¬†scenes¬†we saw out on the¬†whaling¬†ship.

We were about half way around when we came across the path to the cross. My sister told me she would regret it if she did not go on it.  I told her I would wait at the observation station that they had there at the fork.  Again she said ok  and I watched her walk away. And again  I  felt the sudden need to go with her. Even though at this point my chest burned as if on fire inside especially every time I took in a breath.  Yet, I stood up from where I was sitting and followed.

Less then a¬†minuet¬†latter¬†I found myself ¬†hunched over in tears. I could not breath, I could not see. I was loosing¬†consciousness¬†I knew it…¬†I was falling to the¬†ground, ¬†but before I could fall, ¬†I stopped my self with my hands and¬†I took¬†authority over my body ¬†in ¬†“Jesus Name”¬†¬†and started praying in the spirit.¬†The verse¬†Philippians¬†4:13 came to mind.¬†“I can do all things Through Christ who¬†strengthens¬†me.” and I could hear God say in a faint¬†whisper.¬†“Just take a step” I knew it was him because there was a fire inside me screaming don’t give up! Listen! ¬†So I did the only thing I could. ¬†I obeyed.¬†“Take another step” He said. ¬†I¬†obeyed. ¬†I was seeing spots every where but my¬†vision¬†was back.

I was did not tell my sister what I was going through, I am not sure she would have believed me, nor I am sure she knew I was struggling as much as I was. I repeated the verse out loud, over and over again for about five steps.  I was still hunched over as I walked but I was moving forward!

We still had a bit to go. ¬† I was moving, but very¬†slow saying the verse out loud and in my head over and over again with every step. I¬†wondered¬†what my sister was thinking about me or the people passing by. And I was unsure if my body would obey my will. ¬†Now, I heard with every step. ¬†“One Step At a Time” I kept my eyes on the ground ¬†because I did not wand to see how much more we ad to go. And I obeyed God. I quoted the verse “My Strength is renewed¬†like¬†Eagles” ¬†Isaiah 40:31¬†and¬†Psalms 103:5 along with¬†Philippians¬†4:13.

Around a corner there was a swarm of bees. I was very scared, but I put on my jacket as fast as I could,  pulled the hood on and as far over my face as I could, and I held it tightly closed, walking a bit faster now. Everything hurt inside and I felt as if I was wearing a heavy belt around my waist with  a rope attached to the center of it. And God was at the other end of the rope pulling me forward. I had no energy of my own left. I felt as if I was sleep walking now.

Before long we, I ¬†made it to the cross!!!!! I can not explain in words the¬†Immanence¬†¬†amount of Joy and the feeling of¬†success¬†I had at that moment. I was was moved to tears, and if there were not people there already I would have burst out crying. Just thinking about it now brings tears to my eyes. It was such a Faith and a Physical struggle. But since there were people there I did the only thing I could. I hugged the cross closed my eyes and I praised God! ¬†I then used the opportunity¬†to witness to the people who were already up there. I don’t know if ¬†what God has done for me touched them or not but I do know I planted a seed.. I¬†believe that everything we do know knows and even when we do not obey Him, because we have free will. ¬†He is still there¬†trying to guide us. We have the¬†opportunity¬†to obey or not to. I also¬†believe¬†he directs people in our paths for a reason. I think those people with the encouraging words helped and I hope I helped people as well and I pray I still am and can for many-many years to come.

I know there was no way I could have made it up to the top ¬†on my own. ¬†God was there with me all the way up, and is always with me. And once we made it there my Energy was¬†resorted¬†just like the verse. I am not lying. ¬†I felt like a rock on the way up and suddenly I was full of energy. So may say it was¬†Adrenalin¬†kicking in, (though if it was it should have a while before that) and If it was I am sure God was the one who did that. But It was not¬†adrenalin¬†like you would thing. I felt refreshed as well, like I had just started the walk.¬†It was as if I had not just struggled up all that way. ¬†It was as if I had just woke up full of¬†energy. God had restored my¬†strength¬†like an¬†Eagle just as the¬†verses¬†I was saying before. No one but God could have done that for me! ¬†It not only did¬†it help me learn to listen better it helped to teach me to be¬†obedient, and on top of it all I felt¬†extremely¬†loved and and full of peace too… And I had that feeling for the rest of the day too. Going down was not easy and still scary with the no railing stairs but I knew and know I have God on my side.

I am not sharing this so you will go out and do something drastic to get closer to God.  I am sharing this in order Рto show you Рthat God is always with us and willing and will help you in your time of need. All you have to do is call on him and trust him, and do as he tells you.  I had no choice not to do as he said. I was stuck up high, I could have gone down alone but I did not know my way. So I decided to trust God to give me what I needed to continue on. And he did!! And now my faith in him is stronger then ever and I am reminded  I can do anything with him at my side!!

“Miracles Still Happen Today” Intro

“Miracles Still Happen Today”

This Book is dedicated to:

First and foremost God my Father the Alpha and Omega! My beloved family! And every one who believes in God and has Jesus in their hearts!  But also to those who do not believe in Jesus or my Father God yet.

!This is to Everyone!

~With all my Love~

I want you to know that God Loves you and cares about your life. Whether you think so or not.

And I would like to add…..

‚ÄúShit (always) happens‚ÄĚ

‚ÄďForest Gump‚Äď

My Opening Words to you my readers.

You are probably wondering what this book is going to be about… Well, honestly I don‚Äôt know what exactly myself… I am just following God‚Äôs orders and writing it. This has been years in the making. The book should have been done well before now, ‚ÄúI think‚ÄĚ. However God‚Äôs timing is always perfect and more has happened to me and I now have clarity and wisdom I can use to better express myself.

I can also tell you it will have key points of my life story and people I know which will all be based on facts. I promise I won’t bore you with the little things in my life.  I will be pouring my heart out as I write this. It has not been and will not be an easy task. It has brought some very raw emotions to the surface, for me and for the others involved in my life. Nevertheless these events have to be told so that you may learn from them and find your own strength, clarity, peace, healing, and most of all JOY!

To reiterate the main topic is about my life. How it has not been easy to live for me. How it is not easy to live as a believer for any one Christian and non Christian a like. And how time after time we find the strength we need, the faith, the grace, and miracles big and small. You will be amazed by some of the stories and maybe brought to tears at times too. But in the end I hope you will smile and find a personal walk with My Father and yours; in your own life!


I ask that you please take the time and read each bible verse I list as they come up so that you understand the points, examples, I am making as I go. I am compiling a list of the ones I am using in full, in this book. In King James Version and [1]N.I.V. for your easy access and in case you do not have a bible or internet access. I do suggest you look it up on your own when you have some free time too.

Disclaimer: I will have you know:

I am writing what I know to the best of my ability on the many circumstances in which the events happened to me with accuracy. And not exclusively in the order the events took place. So I will also add a time line in the back of the book. But I will try my best to stay on the main time line. Everything I describe is indeed FACT not fiction in anyway. Please read with an open mind.

Thank you!

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