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I choose to be Happy!

I choose to be happy; not because life is easy, because it’s not. Not because I have a reason to be, though I do. I choose to be happy because I wanna be. If I am happy, people around me find happiness, and the joy spreads and then before you know it though life is hard we have a bunch of happy people.You wanna know another reason why? Because when your happy your problems don’t seem so hard to over come, or to work through. Solutions seem to come a little bit easier when your happy.. And when your happy the day goes by better, and you find yourself more productive, I see it as a win win situation. So today I choose to be happy!

ི♥ྀ Amy Jane ི♥ྀ

~Philippians 4:13 All things are possible through Christ who strengthens me!I choose to Be Happy

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