New Fences.


Hello Dear  Friends.

How are you?  I feel a bit vain  writing these 1 sided blogs…  I’d love hearing from you..

With that said,  I have moved!  I am now surrounded by new fences,  literally and  I have discovered a bit emotionally, and mentally. I was   mostly against this move, if you read my last post, I’ve had to give up a lot. However  I have found that  so far my new fences have  brought me some peace, inside and out.  Ill get into that more  in a min.

First the news:  Following tradition of most every move I’ve had…. I am having computer issues. My laptop cord broke! It took me a  few weeks to notice because well.. I haven’t tried getting on due to unpacking, and life..  The bad news is, Now if i order one I may not get it in time  for my trip to see my sister, her son, and my soon to be brother in law. Worse news:  I  don’t know if I can afford it, and I may be gone for up to five weeks. 0.0     Reality tho.. I may not have anytime to be online anyways…..  I sure miss Maplestory and Wartune  ……

I already miss  my dear long distance friends and family…  But The break has be a bit nice.. I had time to cool off from an emotional stress that I brought on myself.   I was indeed very angry. This being the the third time I can remember being so angry….

My Dear friend Jim always tells me I need to talk about my issues before they come pouring out and nothing make sense only making things worse…   Even tho I am a writer when it comes to my emotions, my wants and my needs. Nothing comes out easy.  I don’t know why it is so hard for me to  speak up  or express myself. I tend to end up snapping at someone or  putting up a wall, and acting goofy…  Granted I  act goofy and random  in real life because I like to make people smile… But  once in a while its a  cover. Only one person has ever been able to call me on  things and tell me things I  needed before i needed it. I am so thankful to have that person in my life. I can’t  what I would be like with out that person and other family and friends.

God made  me who I am to be. I  may make mistakes but I  recover fast, I  don’t hold grudges, I give people  many chances, I love all…. A love only God could  have given me for people.    I wanna be a fisher of men. I want my life to reflect God’s amazing LOVE…  If I  fail at everything, except that, I  will  be fulfilled.. No matter how hard things get!

If your still reading, The move has gone pretty smooth,  I live upstairs now. Behind  my parents house.  LilyBelle my  dog loves the new place, and has adjusted  really fast.  She often gets to ply with my parents dog which has been great fro me. I  am not close to being moved in I have the basics, my office is half set up..  I am slowly   moving  and unpacking boxes …  I  don’t have much help. but I am managing. I am sure when the time comes I will get the help I need for the rest of my office stuff.  I am already dreading my next move. @.@  Only God knows when… I hope not for another year…  Or  before I get settled!  doubt that tho.. lol..   I am sure exercising a lot as a result! Woot!

I have been itching to write  but with my laptop down, I can not access my books. I am not very  happy about that.  Thank God I have notebooks galore!  😛

With all the new changes – fences- I almost  feel like a new person.  Not so new more liek myself  before I let stress  change who I am, and how i reacted.. I  have a good deal more to go, but its progress.  I pray the good   changes keep coming and I keep getting improvng, and losing weight. I have places to go, dreams to follow,  new fences to  jump!

I have a new cell phone, I am still getting used to it…. It is a mini tablet,  I  can check my emails and webpages, etc via that..  So please E-mail me, Text me, call if you have my info~ if you want it  just ask.

~I love ya All!!   God bless you  today and Always~

╰ღ╮❤╭ღ╯ Amy  Jane ╰ღ╮❤╭ღ╯

About Amy Jane Sandberg

~God Bless You!~

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