22 Facts about me~

My friend Kimmi tagged me for this on Instagram. I thought it was fun.

Since So few people are actually on Instagram and It’s about me. I thought I would Share it here in my Blog as well. I am sorry if you have read this already. I have to say It got me really thinking.. I leaned more about myself…

Here are 22 Facts about me.^.^

I am really surprised at how much I shared♥

1. I am a Christian, I live for the Lord!

2. I have an Associates in International Business, I had several business Dreams I hope one day to be able to Archive.

3. I have a Great Dane Dog But I would love to own a Lion!

4. I love People with a passion. I would love to go to college and get a Psychology and Pastor degree. Then I could officially counsel people, more then a life coach of some sort, and full-time Evangelize.

5. I am eating Ketyo now… I am also happier about myself now.

6. I am a Writer. I got my first book published – “God Supplies and Miracles Happen”

7. I love Coffee!!! -Sushi, Milk Tea, and o yellow curry, other Asian Delights as Much as I love Italian food. My palette list is ever growing. 😍

8. Once I call you my friend your my friend for life. Unless you did or do something extremely horrible to my loved ones or me.

9. I am part tomboy, clown, nerd, vixien, and part princess.

10. I love animals of all kinds, I love leaning about animals.

11. I Love: The wind, rain, cool / warm breezes, rocks, water, thunderstorms, and snow.

12. My Favorite Bird is the Vulture – Ugly, gets along with all, Doesn’t kill unless the animal is dying. Along with many great interesting qualities.♥

13. My dream vacation is to go to Sweden.

15. I love Gummie Bears / Gummie worms / eggbrights by Black Forest, and all things nerds.

16. I don’t like Gossip! My pet ps are: People who are mean on purpose and people talking bad behind my back. You have an issue with me tell me to my face.

17. I enjoy Korean drama’s, anime, cartoons, and movies of all sorts except horror!

18. I am empathetic, and bad at expressing myself, that is why I write

19. I collect Postcards, and playing cards with diff pictures on each cards among other things.

20. I love pen pal’s, I think that is an art that should be preserved.

21. I don’t want to be rich and famous, but I’d love to be able to take care of my friends and family financially.

22. I’m Fascinated by: Dinosaurs, Bigfoot, space, and the Locknessmonster.

About Amy Jane Sandberg

~God Bless You!~

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