Alligator Or Lizard?

I didn’t know that I could scream until I saw this thing! I just finished vacuuming, and went  to wash my hands in the restroom. When I re-entered the hallway I saw this creature running away from me! My first  thought was It looked like a miniature alligator.  I then proceeded to freak out. I wasn’t sure if it was an alligator, a lizard, or a snake at first. So I did what any brave person would. I grabbed the closest thing I could, a typical oven mitt, and when after it. The freaking thing chasing me, hissed, and even dared to charge me. When it did, I did the logial thing and I screened again! (LoL) But I eventually caught it! With closer observation, I realized it was a lizardyet it looked a lot like an alligator. After living in Florida and seeing aligatilors all over.   it is obvious why the creature creeped me out. I being a writer an a sci fi fan wondered about genetic mutations for a split moment. Had aligators found a way to interbreed to survive the cold northwest?

If you Live in Florida or have ever been around wet lands/swamps you probably have a knowledge and possibly a fear of alligators too. (And for good reasons)

I quickly put The lizzard outside in the garden and then quickly returned to the house to look it up and figure out what it was. Guess what? It’s called a Sothern Alligator lizard…. Go figure…. They are mostly carnivorous , yet also vegetarian. they must have a hearty appetite! HERE’S some pictures of what I saw.

As you can guess, I didn’t wanna keep it. I’m grateful my three year old nephew was still fast asleep when this whole ordeal was over.

(This is the best image I could find that I can share. The one I saw had more green with blue coloring.)

♥ Love ya,

Amy Jane Sandberg

About Amy Jane Sandberg

~God Bless You!~

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