1 Week Left!

Hello My Friends,

Thank you for being patient with me. I am moving in one week!! I will be back online and active after I get up there,I have a lot I want to write about but I am limited on time and net. I have leaned new ways to think and control my emotions, I have dealt with stress in new levels.. But I have come out on top… Well I am coming out a winner in this Battle. It is not over yet, But I am still fighting! Seven days to go! I am very excited..

I am clearing out my closet, my stuff, and giving away lots of stuff I can’t take with me. Which makes me happy that I can share with others. I have deepened relationships, regained new ones,  and lost a few over the move. But God has plans for me and I have so much I want to write about.

I’ve been running errands and seeing the local ares and I have been shocked at a;; the businesses and restaurants I have never been to. I am a little sad I won’t get to try most of them but I at least have leaned to open my eyes more and to take closer look at things and people thanks to this experience..I have been looking at this as a growth experience… We all go through seasons in life. Some we like and some we don’t but we always have room to grow and learn new things. One thing I leaned was I have become too self conscious of myself… I feel like at times the more I am myself the more people push me away…  I am not happy about that. A dear friend of mind told me “Amy it does not matter who likes you, as long as you like yourself and be yourself. Eventually you’ll find people who will accept you as you.” It is some thing I didn’t realize I was struggling with till he said that. Now that I am aware of it I am working harder on being me…

I have been to selfish lately too… I am used to taking care of others because I like to, but I’ve felt burnt out lately and I stopped helping everyone to do my own things. My things are important too but what I did before is also needed. I should not have just stopped. And the guilt of stopping got to me and made me a real jerk. I am sorry…. Since I realized that I have been happier… Helping others is good, but before you burn out make sure you have time for your stuff too. Balance, though hard at times is the key..

I had more to say but I can not organize my thoughts as well as I would like currently, Though I am very inspired to write!!  Love ya!

~Amy Jane

About Amy Jane Sandberg

~God Bless You!~

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  1. Hello Amy! Just know that you will be missed. When others do not like you for something you are doing (or not doing), they are only seeking to control you in the first place and those kind of friends are better left to themselves. Those who like you, will like you because you are you. And that is the kind of friends you want to be around you anyway. It has been a pleasure to have had you in my life for a brief time. And it is a blessing that we can stay in touch via internet. I will miss you!! Love ya!


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