No more Net! for a while..

Hello My Friends!

I am with out net now.. I lost it a few weeks ago and will not have it again until I move, which is who knows when. The good news is more time to get what needs to get done when it needs to get done.. For the most part. I had a cold then a sore throat. But now I am good… I have so much to get done and only a little of my liust complet of need to do things before I move. Christmas comes first, then I will go back to spending money on other needed things.. Thankfully I have been getting pet sitting jobs that have helped me save money for my needs.. Anyway I can’t stay on, I am at a friends house useing her computer to post here and clean out my spam in my e-mail. The rest I can do via my new phobne (See my comment on my last post)

I have been writing a bit, but my time is a little limited untill I clean out my room and update my files.. (Working on that this week)  So I am not giving up on my goals just because I lost my net. I don’t need it to write, but I sure do miss the dictionary look up feature. lol.. Just to make sure I got the right word for what I want to express..  Any ways… I still don’t know how to post here via my phone but I can e-mail so drop me a line ok??

AmyJane27 @ gmail. com  (remove the spaces)

Take care!! ❤

~Amy Jane

About Amy Jane Sandberg

~God Bless You!~

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