My Progress report -lots to do-

Hello, Hello,

There is so much to do and so little time and yet I keep wasting the time I have, I am very mad at myself about that. Darn facebook.. I am quitting many games for a while and keeping select few.. But all will be on a break for a while soon.

Lets see, where shall I start… I think I lost the editor.. I have not heard from her in a month.. Which is ok.. I am really sad about it but, hey what can I do..

The book “A Crimson Star” needs to be changed to first person and will be a huge undertaking.. At least I needs a serious re-examination..  I wish I had more feed back on this one but NO one is willing to read it here.. This is frustrating. It is not because they do not like my work. But because no one wants to read it before it is finished.. I could use some tips here. Also  I am still suck on some major plot keys so it is ok to just let this one sit while I think more.. Or until I have a revelation..

So I have been working on my short story “A Knight All Along” still not sure on the name.. It is so popular, that it may end up being a book.. We shall see. It is a side thing…

In the mean time I  have been working on my walk of faith, complete facts. “Miracles Still Happen Today” and the book I started when I was 16 and re-wrote three times.. “The Princess and the Mirror”. My mother has not gotten back to me on the facts I asked her to look over in “M.S.H.T.”so I have been working on other chapters.. As for the “P.&t.M” My main concern were some names and the flow. So I edited the first few chapers again and am now working on new chapters.. I think I deleted – reworded- more words then I had meant to. And I lost over 1k words… But that will be easy to make up as I work more..

“I am also when stuck on the other three working a little on “Musical Mishap” and “My Velvet Room” not to be confused with one of my most favored books to read.  “The Velvet Room”

That is all for now, Please leave me feed back. I am sorry I have not posted more of my work, but I am so worried it will be stolen that I just can not bring myself to it right now. Especially when I am changing little things still… Maybe I will add it and Password protect it latter.. We shall see when I get back..

~Amy Jane AKA Anjiu SutoMu

Ps. 13 days till I leave for 2 weeks..

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~God Bless You!~

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  1. well i do hope you get alot of insperation soon. i know you really want to complete your books and i would really love to read them. so when they are done let me know so i can be one of the first to buy a copy ^_^

  2. I am getting a lot every day now. And the more I get the more I want to write. But I am having trouble finding the time. Thank you! And you will be one of the first, I promise.

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