I am so Excited!!

WOOT!!  So I paid my friend the first fee, now I am just waiting to see it done. I need to make a place where I can post them, not sure if it should be a manga like comic or more like random entries.. I also need to update the site for “The Hall Of Bish” linked in my last post, I talked her into doing that again. I hope she does..

I have been so inspired lately but things keep getting in the way, I am to tired, or I get distracted by face-book. So to solve the FB problem I am taking a hiatus fom it starting next week, until God says to stop. I have many things I need to get done!  Such as, Writing and Real Life work. And now I have the tools!! Woot!!   Please keep me in your prayers! I will post at least one more book chapter next week. Not sure which book, maybe you will get lucky and get more then one chapter up. However,  please  Remember they will be raw.. But feed back is always great! I can’t improve without correction.  PLEASE give me feed back!!    Love you!!

~Amy Jane

About Amy Jane Sandberg

~God Bless You!~

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